Self Growth Affirmations

Positive statements that empower your being

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Everyone is on a continuous path of spiritual growth whether we realize it or not. This includes you! Some days (weeks, months, and even years) we may feel stunted or at a standstill. Perhaps feel as if you are spinning your wheels, getting nowhere. Each experience (the good, the bad, and the ugly) awards us the opportunity to stretch a bit and ultimately soar to new heights. It is how you approach the ups and downs that will give rise to or deflate your momentum.

In an ideal world the journey to enlightenment and personal goes UP, UP, and AWAY, would land you in a better place. Not so fast! There are lessons and tests along the way. No one lives a life without some struggles. Rest periods are also important, giving us time to retreat from chaos and go inward. Self-reflection is good. Looking back, not in regret, but in allowing a different perspective can be very healing.

Using supportive affirmations can help you reach up and meet your potential. They can give you the boost you need to stay focused on your path and keep your momentum soaring.

Listed here are affirmative phrases to use as a means to keep a positive attitude. 

Empowerment and Self Growth Affirmation Statements

  • No matter what obstacles come across my path today I overcome them with renewed inner strength.
  • I Have a dream, and LIVE IT!
  • I NOW choose a more direct path to higher awareness.
  • I joyously leap out of my bed and greet my morning with a glad heart.
  • As I inhale deeply I open up every cell in my body to all the good vibrations of the universe. I am full of life and full of light. Everything is right.
  • My inner strength is a mighty fortress.
  • I find myself growing in wisdom, courage and good health and responding to others with compassion.
  • I am loved and I am capable.
  • My life is full of wealth, blessings, and supportive loved ones.
  • I am the sum total of my choices which make me who I am. We are all of us unique.I celebrate what it is that makes me unique and unrepeatable.
  • I embrace learning and personal advancement. I choose wisdom.
  • I believe in myself. I can do anything!
  • I face today's difficulties with strength and wisdom. Troubles melt away and are replaced with peace and contentment.
  • I get my work done effortlessly. I meet challenges bravely. I grow stronger each day.
  • Negativity is banished from my world. I am surrounded by positive vibrations.

How to Write Your Own Affirmations

There is a certain knack to writing affirmations. Follow these 3 simple rules and you will be on your way to living a more positive and fulfilling life.

  1. Choose Positive Words - Be sure to keep your focus on the positive. 
  2. No Negativity Allowed - Negative statements negate the purpose of affirmations. 
  3. Stay Present - Keep your statements in the present. The Past is Past... leave it there. Futurist statements distract us from being present in the moment.

A statement such as I WILL BE RICH ONE DAY has the word-power to keep a person in poverty because the focus is that richness will come later. Later never comes, as we are always living in NOW. An example of a positive prosperity affirmation would read like this: I AM RICH or TODAY I AM PROSPEROUS.

Reference: Daily Affirmations

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