Selah Biography

Christian inspirational band

Selah. Curb Records

Selah Formed:

Siblings Todd and Nicol Smith formed Selah in 1997 with their friend Allen Hall.

Selah Members:

  • Todd Smith
  • Allen Hall
  • Amy Perry

Selah Biography:

Since the release of their 1999 Dove Award-winning Curb Records debut, Be Still My Soul, Selah has successfully introduced hymns and classic songs of the faith to a new generation of listeners using beautiful harmonies and "modern" musical sounds. When founding member Nicol Smith Sponberg left in 2004 to pursue a solo career, she was replaced by Melodie Crittenden. A year later, Amy Perry took the place of Crittenden.

Their music, which features the passionate and impressive vocals and musical talent of Allan Hall, Todd Smith and Amy Perry, has gotten the group a total of six Dove Awards, two consecutive Dove Award nominations for Group of the Year, two #1 hits and five Top 10 singles, as well as repeat appearances on such respected television programs as "The 700 Club" and the "Hour of Power," and even a chance to perform on the stage of New York’s legendary Carnegie Hall, among numerous other career highlights.

Selah Discography:

  • You Amaze Us, 2014
  • Hope Of The Broken World, 2011 
  • You Deliver Me, August 25, 2009
  • Timeless: The Selah Collection, 2007 - 2 CD set 
  • Bless The Broken Road: The Duets Album, 2006 
  • Greatest Hymns, 2005 
  • , 2004
  • Rose Of Bethlehem, 2002
  • Press On, 2001
  • Be Still My Soul, 1999

Individual Releases:

By current members and former members

  • Allan Hall - House Of A Thousand Dreams, (2004)
  • Nicol Sponberg - former member - Resurrection, (2004)
  • Todd Smith - Alive, (2004)

Selah Starter Songs:

  • "I Will Carry You (Audrey's Song)" 
  • "Coat Of Many Colors" 
  • "There Is A Fountain" 
  • "There Is Power In The Blood" 
  • "Glory To His Name" 

Selah News & Notes:

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