Animal Totem Photos: Savanna Totems

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Savanna Totems

Photos of Animals in the Savanna Regions
Animal Totems in the Savanna Regions. Canva Collage / Getty Images

Savanna totems are represented by the animals who live in tropical grassland areas, typical regions are found in Africa and South America.

Savanna Totems

  • Elephant Totem
  • Giraffe Totem
  • Hippopotamus Totem
  • Hyena Totem
  • Jackal Totem
  • Meerkat Totem
  • Rhinoceros Totem
  • Zebra Totem

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Elephant Totem

Elephant Totem
Longevity Elephant Totem. loungepark / Getty Images

Messages and Meanings: powerful, sacredness, symbolism, heightened sense of smell, versatility, loyalty

The elephant totem has a strong presence with a variety of different lessons. Socially, elephants tend to live in two groups broken by gender. The bulls are isolated from the female herds except during the mating season, roaming the countryside with their bachelor buddies. The females band together with their calves. There is usually an elder crone cow who leads the pack. Are you spending enough quality time with the same-sex members of your family?

When the elephant totem appears it can be an indication of sexuality or fertility influences. Libido is significantly powerful among these great giants with raging hormones.

The trunk is an elephant's primary tool. The trunk is used for performing multiple tasks including feeding, showering, and labor. It can also be used as a weapon when the elephant attacks or defends itself. When elephant shows itself you should look to see if you are utilizing all of your natural tools and talents. Elephant teaches us that we already have the means to complete many tasks.

Heightened sense of smell from the trunk allows the elephant to "see" the world as a fragrant place. Ted Andrews suggests that anyone with elephant totems explore aromatherapy. Open yourself to incense and essential oils as tools to awaken your own senses.

Big ears may very well represent the need to listen. Turn up the volume to hear the voices around you. There is much wisdom to hear.

Reference: Animal Speak, Ted Andrews

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Giraffe Totem

Giraffe Totem
Future Looking Tier Und Naturfotografie J und C Sohns / Getty Images. Giraffe Totem

Messages and Meanings: communication, progression, advancement, higher intuition

The giraffe is the tallest walking mammal on the planet. As a totem the giraffe has strong intuition symbolism. Its height represents reaching higher spiritual realms, and also gives a far-reaching view. For this reason the giraffe as a totem can also be considered a messenger urging future planning and goal setting.

The throat in general represents communication. When the giraffe appears you may need to learn to become a better communicator. The giraffe's long neck also represents the desire to "stick your neck out" and retrieve higher knowledge. Visionaries will draw from giraffe energies during their vision quests to help open up their third eye during meditation.

Giraffes live in herds and depend on its community for protection and survival. Family oriented the giraffe teaches the importance of family connectedness and strength of community for overall well being.

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Hippopotamus Totem

Hippopotamus Totem
Symbolizes Family Blood Ties Hippopotamus Totem. Natphotos / Getty Images

Meanings and Messages: community, alert, heightened awareness

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Hyena Totem

Hyena Totem
Laughter and Communicaton Hyena Totem. Paul & Paveena Mckenzie / Getty Images

Messages and Meanings: family oriented, desire to be heard, orator, discernment, frugal (waste not - want not mentality)

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Jackal Totem

Jackal Totem
Nocturnal Totem Jackal Totem. George Brits / Getty Images

Meanings and Messages: survival instincts, resourceful, loyalty, independent

To best understand the Jackal totem it is helpful to study the combined meaning of wolves, dogs, and coyotes. Jackals are family oriented and live together in packs. Mated pairs choose monogamous relationships and are very territorial in general. The appearance of Jackal can indicate a strong desire to find a soulmate and live within a family unit. Jackals are not the best hunters, they are content to be scavengers, feeding on the leftovers of kills made by other animals. This is not a negative characteristic, but a pattern that shows resourcefulness. A person with Jackal as her totem will often take the path with the least resistance to meet their needs.

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Meerkat Totem

Meerkat Totem
Seeker Meerkat Totem. Nigel Dennis / Getty Images

Messages and Meanings: higher knowledge, alertness, watchful, discreet, generosity

The meerkat (from the mongoose family) is famous for its upright posture, for this reason, as a totem the meerkat represents higher learning. Meerkat will often visit when a person needs to learn awareness. From heightened poses they stand guard for eagles and hawks. When the meerkat shows up as a totem it can indicate the need to be watchful and keep yourself on alert for potential danger. They teach us not to let our guard down.

During the night meerkats return to underground burrows for warmth and safety. Animals that reside underground generally represent a a reminder for us to return to the earth's energies for respite and rejuvenation.

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Rhinoceros Totem

Rhinoceros Totem
Keeper of Wisdom Rhinoceros Totem. Nigel Dennis / Getty Images

Meanings and Messages: trust, discrimination, solitude, inner-knowing, heightened sense of smell

The rhinoceros totem represents solitude and reflection. The horn that projects from a rhinoceros' third eye is representative of a enhanced psychic center. Anyone with a rhinoceros as their totem has the potential of inner-sight and heightened awareness. When a rhinoceros makes a visitation it is offering you wisdom and a reminder to take a step back and delve deeper into spiritual meanings for your current life situation. This wise totem can also assist you in exploring past lives.

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Zebra Totem

Uniqueness Zebra Totem.

Messages and Meanings: individuality, polarity, charismatic, mutable, agility

Zebras as a totem are magicians, you might even say they are illusionists. And, why not? The zebra's abstract black and white striped coat actually looks like an optical illusion. Its black and white coloring represents the dark and light characteristics of life. Black and white in general represents yin and yang polarity.

Zebras teach us that there is more than one way to look at things. For every belief we have, there is an opposing view. When zebra appears it could mean you are ready to accept different viewpoints, in any case your eyes will be opened to new ideas. The zebra is very unique in appearance. Zebra also teaches us self acceptance and to embrace our individual differences. If you are drawn to the zebra as a totem and what to flaunt your personal uniqueness why not add a faux zebra designed handbag or scarf to your wardrobe.

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