St. Gabriel the Archangel, Patron Saint of Communication

The Angel Gabriel Delivers Important Messages and Helps People Do the Same

Saint Gabriel the Archangel with horn
Archangel Gabriel is the patron saint of communication because Gabriel delivers God's most important messages and helps people communicate with each other well. Buburuza Productions/Getty Images

Saint Gabriel the Archangel serves as the patron saint of communication because the angel Gabriel is God's top angelic messenger. Throughout history, Gabriel has delivered God's most important messages to humanity. This great archangel helps people communicate with each other well when they pray for Gabriel's help. St. Gabriel assists all people whose jobs involve communication -- from journalists, postal workers, and telecommunications industry workers to clergy, diplomats, and ambassadors.

Gabriel also serves as a patron saint of stamp collectors (since stamps are used to send messages through the mail) and people seeking help for their conversations (in person, by phone, online, by text, or any other way they're talking with each other).

Unlike most saints, Gabriel was never a human being who lived on Earth but instead has always been a heavenly angel who was declared a saint in honor of work helping people on Earth. Other archangels who also serve as saints are Michael, Raphael, and Uriel. The patronage work of these four archangels in the earthly dimensions connects to their work in heaven. So, just as Gabriel is heaven's master communicator, Gabriel empowers humans to master communication skills.

Making Famous Announcements

God has chosen Gabriel to make his most important announcements during key times in history, believers say.

Those announcements include telling the Virgin Mary that she will serve as the mother of Jesus Christ during his incarnation on Earth (the Annunciation), proclaiming that Jesus Christ has been born on the first Christmas, and dictating the text of the Qur'an to the prophet Muhammad. During many of the announcements attributed to Gabriel in religious texts, Gabriel presents a challenging message with confidence, authority, and peace, urging people to trust in God's power as they respond to the message. The messages that God assigns Gabriel to deliver often stretch people's faith in some significant way.

Gabriel is a kind angel who nonetheless often has to reassure people not to be afraid when they encounter him (or her since Gabriel appears either in male or female form depending on what works best for a particular mission). Since Gabriel has a passion for holiness, Gabriel's angelic energy is intense and people often feel that intensity in Gabriel's presence.

The most common way that Gabriel communicates with people on a regular basis is through dreams since that is a nonthreatening way for many people to receive angelic messages.

Encouraging People to Grow Spiritually

When Gabriel empowers people to improve their communication skills, Gabriel's ultimate goal is that people grow closer to God in the process. Gabriel leads angels who work within the white light ray, which represents purity, harmony, and holiness.

Gabriel urges people to discover and fulfill God's purposes for their lives. Clear communication is a valuable tool for doing so, Gabriel believes. Gabriel clears away confusion, empowering people to understand themselves, God, and other people in deeper ways. As Gabriel points out communication signs for people to pay closer attention to, people will recognize specific ways they can change in order to let go of unhealthy habits and purposefully develop healthier habits. So if people are communicating with destructive anger, for instance, Gabriel will help them notice that and encourage them to learn how to manage their anger in a better ways. If people are too worried about creating a certain impression when they communicate with others, for example, Gabriel will urge them to let go of pretense and be true to themselves and authentic with others.

As the angel of water, Gabriel promotes reflection in people's lives so they can more clearly see what sins are interfering with them reaching their full, God-given potential. Gabriel encourages people to confess those sins to God through open and honest communication, to accept God's forgiveness, and then to move away from the sins and closer to God.

Since spiritual disciplines like prayer and meditation help people develop better communication with God -- and grow spiritually in the process -- Gabriel often challenges people to pray or meditate more.

Gabriel also is especially interested in helping parents grow in their faith through their experiences raising children. When people pray for parenting help and Gabriel responds, Gabriel does more than simply offer guidance for the immediate situation; Gabriel helps parents learn spiritual lessons from what they're going through with their children.

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