Russ Taff: A Biography of the Popular Christian Artist

Russ Taff - 'Another Sentimental Christmas'


Russ Taff was born on November 11, 1953.

Russ Taff Quote

"The industry will take what God has anointed in you and change it, reshape it, and in the end, you become what they want from you, not what God put in you. Be yourself. Fight for it. Fight for what God gifted you with."

From The Sound Opinion.

Russ Taff Biography

Russ Taff was the fourth of five sons of a fire-breathing Pentecostal preacher father and a gospel music-loving mother. He learned early on that when he sang, people sat up and responded. Some of his earliest memories are of being held in church by his mom while sang with the congregation.

When Taff moved to Arkansas in his teens, he began listening to popular music for the first time in his life, and found inspiration there, too. Contemporary Christian music was gaining prominence and the traditional lines between ‘secular’ and ‘sacred’ were starting to blur. Russ formed a local band called Sounds of Joy and began writing songs of spiritual truth with the music of his generation.

Two years after his band served as an opening act for the legendary Imperials, Taff was invited to join them as lead vocalist. With the Imperials, he toured extensively and gained recognition as ‘The Voice’ behind award-winning songs and albums that successfully completed the group’s transition from traditional to contemporary Christian.

Eager to experience and explore all aspects of music, Taff left the Imperials after four and a half years to pursue a solo career. His music has won him not only a wide audience and critical acclaim but a total of 7 Grammy awards and 11 Gospel Music Association Dove awards. Billboard Magazine has called him "the single most electrifying voice in Christian music."

In 1991, Russ was invited by Bill Gaither to be part of one of his Homecoming videos. Soon after that, Russ began making guest appearances at Homecoming concerts. He eventually became a regular artist on the Homecoming Tour and joined the Gaither Vocal Band as a baritone in 2001. He toured as a member for almost three years. Early in 2004, following the deaths of Vestal Goodman and Jake Hess, Russ decided to step down from the Vocal Band and return to his solo artist status on the tour.

Russ Taff Discography

  • Faroe Islands, August 23, 2011
  • Another Sentimental Christmas, 2010 
  • Now More Than Ever, 2007 
  • Best of Russ Taff, 2003
  • Everything Good, 2002 (Gaither Vocal Band) 
  • Best of the Homecoming Series, 2002
  • Right Here Right Now, 1999
  • Bridges, 1999
  • Winds of Change, 1995
  • We Will Stand, 1994
  • , 1992
  • Under Their Influence, 1991
  • The Way Home, 1989
  • Russ Taff, 1987
  • Medals, 1985
  • Walls of Glass
  • Priority, 1981 (Imperials)
  • One More Song For You, 1980 (Imperials)
  • Heed The Call, 1979 (Imperials)
  • Imperials Live, 1978 (Imperials)
  • Sail On, 1977 (Imperials)

Russ Taff Soundtracks

  • The Apostle (soundtrack), 1998
  • Fire Down Below (soundtrack), 1997

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Russ Taff Awards

  • 2012 - Russ Taff Gets 3 Dove Nominations
  • 2003 - A Cappella - Grammy Nomination (w/ Gaither Vocal Band)
  • 2002 - Everything Good - Grammy Nomination (w/ Gaither Vocal Band)
  • 1998 - Best Southern, Country, Or Bluegrass Gospel Album - The Apostle (soundtrack) - Grammy Winner
  • 1991 - Best Rock/Contemporary Gospel Album - Under Their Influence - Grammy Winner
  • 1989 - The Way Home - Grammy Nomination
  • 1989 - Recorded Music Packaging of the Year - Russ Taff - Dove Award Winner
  • 1989 - Rock Album of the Year - Russ Taff - Dove Award Winner
  • 1987 - Russ Taff - Grammy Nomination
  • 1986 - Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year - Medals - Dove Award Winner
  • 1985 - Medals - Grammy Nomination
  • 1984 - Male Vocalist of the Year - Dove Award Winner
  • 1983 - Best Gospel Performance, Male - Walls of Glass - Grammy Winner
  • 1982 - Male Vocalist of the Year - Dove Award Winner
  • 1981 - Male Vocalist of the Year - Dove Award Winner
  • 1981 - Best Gospel Performance Contemporary Or Inspirational - Priority - Grammy Winner (with the Imperials)
  • 1981 - Male Group of the Year - Dove Award Winner (with the Imperials)
  • 1980 - One More Song For You - Grammy Nomination (with the Imperials)
  • 1980 - Male Group of the Year - Dove Award Winner (with the Imperials)
  • 1979 - Male Group of the Year - Dove Award Winner (with the Imperials)
  • 1979 - Best Gospel Performance, Contemporary Or Inspirational - Heed The Call - Grammy Winner (with the Imperials)
  • 1978 - Imperials Live - Grammy Nomination (with the Imperials)
  • 1977 - Best Gospel Performance, Contemporary Or Inspirational - Sail On - Grammy Winner (with the Imperials)
  • 1977 - Male Group of the Year - Dove Award Winner (with the Imperials)