Rock & Worship Roadshow

Newsboys in 2014
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The popular Rock & Worship Roadshow holds yearly tours to more than 20 locales throughout the U.S., and sometimes a stop is scheduled in Canada. The tour takes place from February to late March or early April. In addition to the Rock & Worship Roadshow, they may have other tours during the year, such as the Summer Lights tour. The Roadshow was founded in 2009 by the band MercyMe.

Bands Appearing in the Rock & Worship Roadshow

The band MercyMe doesn't appear every year. In 2014, the first year that they didn't appear, Bart Millard explained their absence in a press release, saying, "The Roadshow still remains our vision and baby, but we thought it was time for us to take a year off and allow other great bands like Skillet and Third Day to join in the fun. We know fans will continue to support The Roadshow with these great artists. And, don’t worry, we’ll be back on the tour again." Bart and the guys were back on the Roadshow stage in 2015, but not in 2016.

In 2017, the lineup included Steven Curtis Chapman, Francesca Battistelli, Rend Collective, Passion, Family Force 5, Jordan Feliz, Derek Minor, and Urban Rescue. Tony Wolf was the guest speaker and Carlos Whittaker was the tour's host.

In 2016, Newsboys, Jeremy Camp, Mandisa, Phil Wickham, Family Force 5, Audio Adrenaline, Danny Gokey, Citizen Way, and Shawn Groves appeared. Danny Gokey and Citizen Way provided the pre-party show.

Admission Prices and Packages

The general admission price was an affordable $10 in 2017 and usually can be purchased at the door, except in select cities. There are VIP tickets and packages available that include preferred first come/first serve seating and other perks.

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