Rick Goad - A Man of Miracles

Sharing his love for the Lord throughout his life as well as after his death

Rick Goad - 2007
Rick Goad - 2007. RGM

In this day and age, many people believe that "he who dies with the most toys wins." Good excuses to behave badly abound and finding someone who loves their neighbors like they love themselves is a rarity. But Rick Goad was always different, despite the fact that tragedy and bad breaks gave him every excuse in the world to be selfish and angry. He spent his entire 43 years treating life like a gift ... a gift to be shared. Even after his death in 2007, he is still sharing through his wife and his ministry.

As a child, Rick traveled with his parents and siblings with Goad International Ministries, singing when and wherever they were invited. When Rick was a mere 12, while returning home from a concert, his father Jack (who was driving) had an aneurysm rupture. The ensuing accident took his mother's life and nearly killed his six-year-old sister, Carolyn. When Rick was only 19, his father was killed in a house fire.

Rather than turning inward or blaming God for the losses that their family had suffered, Rick and his siblings continued on serving and ministering to others. Rick refused to let the tragedies, disappointments, and discouragements of life turn his focus away from the Lord and others, in order to focus on himself and what he had lost.

For the next 20+ years, Rick and Goad International recorded and performed music and helped people around the globe by providing food, clothing, and medicine, as well as over 7 million Bibles. Rick got married, had two beautiful children, was ordained as a minister and continued to live life to the fullest.

In January of 2006, Rick was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Even then, he didn't give up or get angry with God for allowing him to get sick on top of everything else he had suffered. He didn't lose his faith in God or his belief in the goodness of life. Rick believed he was going to get a miracle. He believed that his body would be renewed and he would be rid of the cancer. He felt compelled to write songs of adoration, crying out, lament, and peace in the darkness to share his journey.

Then, in August of 2006, Rick felt that God was directing him to go on his own and begin his ministry with his wife, and Rick Goad Ministries was formed. The CD My Miracle was recorded as his musical legacy. Rick's desire was that his own journey of personal healing and the music would bring hope and comfort to others facing their own darkness. In fact, he was so determined to pass that message on to at least 1 million people that he started giving away his CD.

Rick always said that "life is not about how much you can get but how much you can give." He didn’t just say it, but right up until his last breath in January of 2007, when he got his ultimate healing, he lived it. His wife Jackie and his ministry are now carrying on to continue Rick's desire to help others. For every single copy of My Miracle that is purchased, 10 complimentary copies are sent so listeners can share Rick's music and his message with others.

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