The Resurrection Began When Jesus Christ Was Resurrected

It Will Continue At Various Times Throughout the Future

Tapestry depicting the resurrection. Gallery of Tapestries. Vatican Museum.
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The resurrection is not a single event. Some resurrections have already taken place. Below you will find more information on who will be resurrected and when. This includes our pets!

What the Resurrection Is and Is Not

To fully understand the resurrection you must understand death to be the separation of the body and the spirit. Thus, resurrection is the reuniting of the body and spirit into a perfect being.

The body and mind will be perfect. There will be no diseases, illnesses, deformities, or other disabilities. The body and spirit will never again be separated. Resurrected beings will continue in this manner throughout eternity.

All living beings and entities will be resurrected. However, the wicked will have to wait to be resurrected. Their resurrection will take place last.

When Did the Resurrection Start?

Jesus Christ was the first person to be resurrected. He rose from the grave three days after he was crucified. His resurrection was the culminating factor of the Atonement.

After his resurrection, we know that some other people were resurrected too. Some of them appeared to people living in Jerusalem.

Who Will Be Resurrected?

Every person who has been born and died on Earth will be resurrected. It is a free gift to all and is not the result of good works or faith. Jesus Christ made the resurrection possible when he himself broke the bands of death.

When Will the Resurrection Occur?

Although every person will receive a resurrected body, not all will receive this gift at the same time. Jesus Christ was the first to break the bands of death.

At the time of His resurrection, all the righteous dead who had lived from the day of Adam were also resurrected. This was part of the first resurrection. 

For all those who lived after Christ's resurrection until the time of his Second Coming, the first resurrection is yet to happen. The four times appointed for the resurrection are as follows:

  1. Morning of the First Resurrection: All those who lived righteously and are destined to receive a full inheritance in the kingdom of God, will be resurrected at the time of Christ's second coming. They shall be caught up to meet the Lord at this time and will descend with him to reign during the Millennium. See D&C 88:97-98.
  2. Afternoon of the First Resurrection: All those who lived, are Christ's, but are not worthy to receive a full inheritance in God's kingdom. They will receive a portion of Christ's glory but not a fullness. This resurrection will happen after Christ has ushered in the Millennium. See D&C 88:99.
  3. Second Resurrection: All those who were wicked in this life and who have suffered the wrath of God while in spirit prison, will come forth in this resurrection, which will not happen until the end of the Millennium. See D&C 88:100-101.
  4. Resurrection of Damnation: The last to be resurrected are the Sons of Perdition who, in this life, gained a perfect knowledge of the divinity of Christ through the Holy Ghost but then chose Satan and came out in open rebellion against Christ. They will be cast out with the devil and his angels and receive no portion of Christ's glory. See D&C 88:102.

    Death During the Millennium

    Those who live and die during the Millennium will not suffer death, as we are accustomed to thinking about it.

    They will be changed in the twinkling of an eye. This means they will die and be resurrected instantaneously. The transition will happen automatically.

    Resurrection of All Life

    Christ's redemption is infinite and extends beyond the salvation of man. The earth, as well as all life found upon the earth, will also come forth in the resurrection.

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