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Crystal therapy

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Reiki practitioners will often create a relaxing atmosphere for their Reiki sessions, setting the mood with the use of dimmed lights, meditative music, or bubbling water fountains. Here are some select tools, healing room furnishings, attire, and other specialty items specifically meant for Reiki healers.

Reiki Symbols Stone Set

Reiki Stones

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These Reiki Stones are not a typical tool used by Reiki practitioners. However, this set, pictured above, is a good option for those who do. Reiki symbols are used to increase energy and to help direct the flow of chi. The four Reiki symbols depicted on these stones are the Master Symbol, Power Symbol, Harmony Symbol, and the Connection Symbol. They're great for conducting absentia Reiki to help promote focus and seal the practitioner's intent.

Reiki Techniques Card Deck

Each card has a purpose along with a healing technique that you can apply to achieve that purpose. For example, the Listening Card offers a technique to help you communicate with your higher self. The Freshen Up Card offers a combination exercise/breath/sound technique that purifies the body and revives your energy at the end of an exhaustive day.

Reiki Energy Symbol Pendant

Chakra Reiki Symbol Pendant

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Not so much a tool, but more of a healing talisman for the practitioner to wear invoking ki energies. The power symbol, Cho Ku Rei, is used in Reiki as a light switch to turn on Reiki energies. 

Massage Tables

massage table

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A massage table is the most convenient tool for conducting Reiki treatments at home or healing practice. This table can be special ordered with extra width and extra padding for client comfort. However, these modifications make the considerably heavier for portable use. If you are planning on transporting your table frequently, then their standard table would be the better option.

Reiki Charged Amethyst Pendulum

Amethyst Pendulum

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Pendulums are used in energy medicine for measuring levels of energy and diagnosing imbalances in the chakras and human energy field. Pendulums are also used as divination tools. Crystals can be programmed for healing purposes. Crystal pendulums, as well as many objects, can be charged or infused with Reiki healing energies

Reiki Gold CD

Reiki Gold CD

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Choose from a wide selection of Reiki CDs to play during your next Reiki session. Soothing music is a relaxing complement to energy healing treatments. You won't go wrong if you go with Reiki Gold CD, winner in 2011 Readers' Choice Awards.

Reiki Symbol Poster


This multi-color poster featuring the basic four Reiki symbols (Dai Ko Myo, Cho Ku Rei, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, and Sei Hei Ki) would look very appropriate for the wall in the practitioner's Reiki room. Artist: Navin Joshi

Reiki News Magazine

Reiki News Magazine

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The Reiki News Magazine is a 72-page full-color glossy magazine containing articles on every aspect of Reiki practice. Quarterly publication.

Reiki Hand Postions Poster

Get a Reiki poster that demonstrates the twelve basic hand positions for conducting a Reiki treatment.

Pyramid Reiki Timer

The Reiki practitioner can program this special timer to chime at preset intervals. There are eight possible settings every 2, 2 ½, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes for up to 90 minutes. Chimes can serve as a reminder to switch Reiki hand-placements during a healing session. The timer's quiet sounding signal be used by any type of therapist or healer to help regulate their sessions without having to watchful of a clock.

Reiki Books

Reiki for Life Book

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I've had several practitioners write and tell me that they use my book The Everything Guide to Reiki as a student textbook for their classes. I'm am truly honored to hear this since it is intended to help beginners learn about Reiki. It is also meant to help all Reiki practitioners to deepen their passion for Reik, and choose it as a way of life.

Water Fountains

water fountain

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A water fountain will make any space a more calming atmosphere. Water fountains aren't just for the meditation room. They are perfect for the bedroom, home office, the rec room, and even the kitchen!. Choose from a variety of fountain designs.

Reiki Principles T-Shirt

Reiki Principles Imprinted on T-Shirt

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Reiki principles are imprinted on this t-shirt as a reminder to follow the Reiki Creed taught to all Reiki initiates. Clothing adorned with Reiki words or symbolism is a favorite "work uniform" for the Reiki practitioner when conducting sessions. Wearing Reiki garb out in the community serves as a way to open up conversations with people who want to learn more about what Reiki is all about.

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