What is Reiki? And, How is it Pronounced?

Reiki Treatment
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Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words, rei and ki meaning universal life energy. Reiki is an ancient laying-on of hands healing technique that uses the life force energy to heal, balancing the subtle energies in our bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

Pronunciation: ray-key

Common Misspellings: reikie, reike, raykey, rieki

Reiki Practitioners Share Why They Love Reiki

Reiki brings a state of grace - When practicing Reiki once, my thoughts stopped and I was at peace. It felt terrific. ~jonlindell

Why I love Reiki - I have been providing healing for over 50 years. Reiki is my newest modality. I have been able to integrate many of my other healing techniques easily with it. I have found when I invite the client to participate in the healing, choosing to "heal thyself" a much more positive and lasting results occurs. I see reiki as a spiritual practice as well, and in doing so enhances my ability to be a clearer channel. Source Energy by any other name is still the same and always for me it is the flow of Love that does the work. ~Rev Frederick

I love Reiki too - Reiki knows no boundaries, it is not interested in your type of religion but Reiki will enhance or lead you along a spiritual path. It bonds like-minded folks together and it is always ready to welcome newcomers to its ever-growing family. It is such a gift to have, to share, and to teach. ~Carol

Hot Hands - I love Reiki because it loves me. The energy that flows through me to another.. it's like communicating without having to speak. ~Julia White

I LOVE Reiki too! - Reiki is gentle. It is DEEPLY relaxing. It takes you very quickly to the still, quiet place within. It blends with all other healing modalities. There are no contraindications. It always works positively, and it always heals on some level. Everyone can learn Reiki. It is easy and practical. It is done fully clothed. It brings clarity and guidance. It is a way to live Peacefully and Blissfully! ~Rickie

Reiki and me are the same - I love Reiki. Why? Simple. It is my life breath! I am Reiki. Reiki is me. It is that simple. About 12 years ago when I was first attuned I got introduced "to myself." Since then, no looking back. It is an on going journey continuing to discover myself. It is an art of experiencing love (and all other FEELINGS too which I can identify with!) and share it with everyone all around. No wonder, it makes me experience the body, mind and spirit at the same time. Observing the synchrony of events in my life finds me in the lap of Reiki ever guiding me, protecting me 24X7. What more can I ask... when I feel so surrendered? Loads of love light and Reiki to each of you who is reading this. And, thanks to you Phylameana to help me articulate herein about my dear Reiki. God bless you. ~Savitri Patnaik

Why I Love Reiki - I love Reiki because Reiki loves me-and everyone else it touches. It is not just in your hands--it is in your heart and being and breath. It leaks out and embraces all those you are around-and they notice. It does this in the kindest and most gentle way. Reiki is a friend you can take anywhere. ~Dona M Duke

The gift that keeps on giving - >I love Reiki because it really does work and not only helps the person you are working with, but it helps you as well. It is peace and love you are sending and I can't think of a better gift that's free and available to everyone if you are willing to receive it! ~Nikki D

Everywhere - Reiki tools (your hands) go with you everywhere you go! No matter where I am, if I feel I need calming, or need an energy boost, Reiki comes to the rescue. Placing one palm over my heart, and the other gently over my throat, Reiki immediately gets to work balancing whatever is OFF. It is magic!

What is Reiki? - Introduction to Reiki. What to expect when receiving a treatment. Learn how to become a Reiki practitioner.

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