11 Reasons to Read Your Bible

We're all told that we're supposed to read our Bible, but why should we? What makes the Bible so important? Can it really do anything for us? Here are several reasons why we should read our Bibles, and it's far more than, "because I told you so!"

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It Makes You Much Wiser


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The Bible isn't just there to read. It's a book full of all kinds of advice. From relationships to money to how to get along with your parents, it's all in there. When we become wiser, we make much better decisions, and with good decisions comes many other good things.

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It Helps Us Overcome Sin and Temptations

We all face temptations to sin every day - often several times a day. It's part of the world we live in. When we read our bible, we get advice on how to approach situations and overcome the temptations we face. We understand what we're supposed to do rather than just guessing and hoping we get it right.

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Reading Your Bible Gives You Peace

We all live such busy lives. Sometimes it feels chaotic and noisy. Reading the Bible can help us sort through all the craziness to see what's really important. It can bring about peace in our lives rather than allowing us to wallow in our confusion.

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The Bible Gives You Direction

Sometimes our lives can feel a little like we're just wandering uselessly. Even teens can sometimes feel that they lack direction. When we read our Bibles we can clearly see that God has a purpose for us at every stage of our lives. His words can give us direction, even if we only need that direction and purpose in the short term.

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It Builds Your Relationship with God

There are a few really important things in our lives, and our relationship with God is one of them. Reading our Bibles gives us insight into God. We can pray with scripture verses. We can talk to God about things we're reading. We grow in an understanding of God as we read and grasp more of His Word.

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Read a Bestseller

If you're an avid reader, this is one bestseller you shouldn't miss. The Bible is an epic story of love, life, death, war, family, and more. It has its ups and downs, and it's pretty riveting. If you're not a reader, this may be the one book worth saying you read. If you're going to read anything, you can say you read the biggest bestseller of all time.

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Learn a Little Bit of History

There is plenty of archaeological proof of biblical stories. The Bible is full of real history, and it can give you insight into other areas of history. So the Bible helps us understand human history and how often we repeat the same mistakes.

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We Can Understand Jesus a Little More

When we read through the New Testament, we get to read about Jesus' life. We can understand better his choices and the true sacrifice of his death on the cross. He becomes far more real to us when we get into his story in the Bible.

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It Can Change Your Life

The Bible is a life-changing book. So many people go to the self-help section of the bookstore to look for a magic solution to their problems. However, most of those answers sit in the chapters of the Bible. It can give us insight, help us grow, explain our depression, explain our behaviors. The Bible can make a huge difference in our lives.

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It Brings You Back to Faith, Rather than Religion

We can get very caught up in our religion. We can go through all the motions that religion dictates, but it means nothing without faith. When we read our Bible, we open ourselves up to remembering our faith. We read stories of others who have demonstrated real faith, and sometimes we also are reminded of what happens when we lose our faith. Yet the Word of God reminds us that He is our focus.

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Reading the Bible Brings a New Perspective

When things just don't seem right or things are getting a bit stale, the Bible can bring a new perspective into the mix. Sometimes we think things should be one way or another, but the Bible may remind us that there are other ways to think on the happenings in our lives. It provides us, at times, with a fresh, new perspective.

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