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Some time ago, we invited readers to submit their reviews of their favorite Tarot decks. Although that feature is no longer available here on About Paganism & Wicca, the reviews of other readers can come in really handy when you're looking at buying a new deck! Here are nine of the top reviews of a wide collection of Tarot decks from our readers.

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Daughters of the Moon

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Name of Deck: Daughters of the Moon

Reviewed By: Temperance

Artist, Author, or Publisher: Ffiona Morgan

I found this deck when I was 17 at a craft fair. It was in a bag covered with embroidered flowers. The deck wasn't colored in except for 3 cards, so I spent months making it mine by coloring them in.

I love that the deck is round, the artwork's amazing, and I find them very easy to read with. Some may find them difficult to read because they are female oriented with the exception of two male cards

I usually don't go in for the Dianic tradition, but I believe that, male or female, you would enjoy this deck. True, there are only 2 male cards. But the artwork is amazing and the meaning can be easily devised from the cards. I was fortunate to find a deck that wasn't already illustrated w/color. I was able to color all of the cards, save 3 that the previous owner had already done, in. That went a long way to infusing the cards with my energy. If you can find another "blank" deck, I highly recommend it. When I wore that deck out, my husband bought me a deck that was already illustrated, and I love it as much. I enjoy seeing what colors the illustrator chose for each card. The other selling point for me is that the deck is round. I have small hands, and a traditional deck can be hard for me to shuffle, because the cards are too long.

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Angel Tarot

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Name of Deck: Angel Tarot

Reviewed By: Amber

Artist, Author, or Publisher: Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

My usual tarot deck is Moon Garden. I had been looking for a beginners deck to start teaching my daughter with. I was at the store looking at different ones but kept getting drawn back to the angel deck.

This deck is perfect for beginners because the cards have a brief description of the meaning of the card at the bottom. The suits are named for the element associated with them. It is a bit confusing because the air suit is represented by unicorns with sharp horns instead of swords. And the fire suit is represented by swords and dragons instead of wands. All in all though, this deck helps beginners get a feel for the cards and all the elements that go with them. And as an added bonus, the artwork is truly amazing for this deck.

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Radiant Rider Waite

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Name of Deck: Radiant Rider-Waite Deck

Reviewed By: Aubs

Artist, Author, or Publisher: Rider Waite

My sister, actually, found this deck for me. She chose it because it was RW, per my request, but it didn't have the stiff symbolism common to the standard Rider-Waite decks.

This deck was an easy connection, which I have not always found to be the case with Tarot or Oracle decks. I think it is the vibrant color usage and expressiveness of the cards that made this easier. It felt... more personal. And that is why I would recommend it.

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Shapeshifter Tarot

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Name of Deck: Shapeshifter Tarot

Reviewed By: NayleonsLady

Artist, Author, or Publisher: Llewellyn

This deck was given to me by a friend when I broke both legs. Though others come and go I love this one the most, it always speaks to me. Familiar structure if you know Rider-Waite. Beautiful artwork. Celtic inspirations taken from the Book of Kells.

It is a traditional deck loosely based on the Rider-Waite interpretations, so once you learn this one it is easy to transition to other decks. The art work is soft and loving. It features a loose artistic style that is reminiscent of water color. The messages I get from it are always accurate but the imagery relays the message in a very gentle way. I love the integration of the supernatural and the natural realm the artwork portrays. It is very similar to what I experience when I do shamanic journey work.

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Necronomicon Deck

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Name of Deck: Necronomicon Deck

Reviewed By: Jason

Artist, Author, or Publisher: Anne Strokes/Donald Tyson/Llewellyn

I chose the deck because i love the Cthulhu mythos. This deck is really different and a bit disturbing. Some of the cards have sexual messages so it is a bit inappropriate for some readers, but the deck is wonderful if you enjoy horror movies and the macabre.

The deck has a very gloomy overtone and this can effect the reading and in some cases the reader. It is a bit pricey but I believe it's worth it. The box set comes with 78 cards, a black drawstring bag, and a large companion book. Some of the cards have sexual imagery but it is a small percent.

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The Druid Craft Tarot

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Name of Deck: The Druid Craft Tarot Deck

Reviewed By: Alone_in_This

Artist, Author, or Publisher: Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Will Worthington

I found this deck while perusing the New Age section of a bookstore a few months ago and I literally could NOT walk away from it. It had a serious hold on me that I could not shake. I love this deck because it's beautiful and I could read the cards very easily using my instincts and the images from the cards. One con is that these cards are HUGE! Much larger than most decks.

I absolutely adore this tarot deck. I had an immediate connection with the cards and the first time I went through the deck, I could read nearly every card without hesitation or referencing a book. The cards are gorgeous, the images are clear, and the accompanying book is great. The book goes over each card, but isn't very wordy, and it also gives information about each suit and the like. One thing I dislike is that these cards are VERY large and hard to handle at first. I have to be careful not to drop them while shuffling because they are so much larger than any other deck I have used.

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Tarot Illuminati

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Name of Deck: Tarot Illuminati

Reviewed By: Megan

Artist, Author, or Publisher: Lo Scarabeo

I actually had a Rider-Waite in hand, however, I felt drawn to this deck... not necessarily what i wanted... but what came to be mine.

  • The good: BEAUTIFUL borderless art.
  • The meh: some names and symbols, compared to RW, are different.
  • The bad: the wands are silly and fake looking in contrast to the other cards.

The Tarot Illuminati has most of the shared symbology of the RW, but without the aged art - not that that's a bad thing, but in my hands, the RW would scream "CRONE!", and I'm not quite ready to accept that reality yet ;). Note, "Illuminati" has nothing to do with any secret societies, real or imagined, or whatnot, but rather, the name comes from the fact that the tarot "illuminates", it "shines a light on", it "reveals" things.

I would've rated it 5 stars, but unfortunately, the wands look utterly ridiculous, and while some cards make it look like the person should be there (the Emperor is a good example), others look very awkward, strained, and quite honestly, Photoshopped (the 9 of Wands is a perfect example - the figure is noticeably glowing black, like the real-world backdrop had only been halfheartedly erased). In addition to this, the LWB isn't exactly little - despite its size, it doesn't have a whole lot of information about the cards. Each description tells a story about the card, and at the bottom of the page, about 3 short lines dedicated to what the card actually means. Overall, it is a very good deck.

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The Mythic Tarot

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Name of Deck: The Mythic Tarot

Reviewed By: TallyStarr

Artist, Author, or Publisher: Juliet Sharman-Burke, Liz Greene, illustrator Tricia Newell. Simon & Schuster.

The mythological themes appeal to me. The book describes the major arcana as similar to the Hero's Journey, which is essentially our own journey through life. We begin as the Fool...

The deck has beautiful, evocative illustrations rich with symbolism for contemplation. The handbook features thorough explanations of the meanings, both personal & transpersonal, of each card.

The Mythic Tarot has been my tarot deck for two decades. I prefer my readings to provide "food for thought" rather than foretelling a future potentiality. The future is what we make of it. This deck is a wonderful tool for contemplation. For example, the High Priestess card pictures Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, representing our Unconscious processes, our Inner life, and Intuition. Each interpretation includes a telling of the myth depicted on the card & its significance in the journey through life, but also provides a brief "When this card appears in a spread..." interpretation for those seeking a quicker answer. I highly recommend this deck!

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The Heart of Faerie Oracle

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Name of Deck: The Heart of Faerie Oracle

Reviewed By: Maggi

Artist, Author, or Publisher: Brian and Wendy Froud

Beautiful pictures, with wonderful detail. Good size for visibility, while still shuffleable.

This deck has some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. Plenty of depth and detail, each one a story in itself. The meanings of each card and how they combine become swiftly apparent. I found that each card speaks clearly, building up a detailed reading. They swiftly take you beyond "the book" meanings, encouraging intuitive response. I thoroughly enjoy the range of the cards, from deep spirit to full on fun!

From the awesome, unstoppable power of the Green Man, to the dance of the Lady of Joy, to the sheer enthusiasm of Oh No! The Blessing, so strong and gentle in her gifting, reminding us to receive as well as passing on Blessings. The deck has seven "groups": The Faerie Queens. The Queens' Consorts. The Archetypes. Sprites. The Ladies. Tricksters. The Journey.

I have found ,as they are not a "traditional" tarot, there have been more people relaxed about allowing me to do the reading without "second guessing" the meanings of the cards; letting the flow develop & maintain. Each reading has been a wonder filled exploration of possibilities. Always giving a way to work through where difficulties are indicated. They are truly a joy to work with!