Randy Travis' 'Glory Train - Songs of Faith, Worship & Praise'

Randy Travis - Glory Train

Country music superstar Randy Travis released his fourth gospel CD, Glory Train - Songs of Faith, Worship & Praise, on October 25, 2005. Recorded in Santa Fe, the all-acoustic project blended a mixture of traditional hymns, modern praise and worship and spiritual gospel, all with the sound that is recognized by country fans everywhere as Randy Travis.

Randy's first gospel album, Inspirational Journey compare prices, released in 2000 to critical acclaim. Two subsequent gospel albums -- Rise And Shine compare prices and Worship & Faith compare prices -- each brought him Grammy awards, an ACM award and Dove Awards.

Randy realized the power that gospel songs have to really change people's lives for the better after mixing some into his country set over the past few years. As more and more people told him how the music changed their lives, Randy began to better understand the term, "music ministry."

Travis' own walk through life is still a testament in itself for God's love and grace. His story of going from a delinquent teenager bound for jail or worse to one of country music's most respected and admired personalities known for his honesty and generous spirit is no secret. His string of arrests that led to his fall from grace in 2012, his subsequent stroke and his long recovery are also not only fodder for those "in the know." Good choices, bad choices and those that fall somewhere in between -- like the rest of us, Randy has made them all and despite the consequences of the bad ones, knows that he is still a beloved child of God. 

Randy has sold more than 24 million albums and had 22 No. 1 hits since his 1986 debut, Storms of Life. During his career, he has won five Grammy Awards, five Country Music Association Awards, nine Academy of Country Music Awards, 10 American Music Awards and six Dove Awards. Though he has not returned to the stage and public eye full time since his stroke in 2013, he did make an appearance at the Academy of Country Music Awards in 2015 and posted a letter to fans on his website shortly afterwards letting them know that he has not given up on the dream of one day returning to the stage as a performer.

Glory Train - Songs of Faith, Worship & Praise

  1. This Train
  2. Swing Down Chariot
  3. Precious Memories
  4. Shout To The Lord
  5. Down By The Riverside
  6. Nothing But the Blood
  7. Were You There?
  8. Up Above Me
  9. He's Got the Whole World In His Hands
  10. Heart of Worship
  11. Jesus on the Mainline
  12. Through the Fire
  13. Here I Am to Worship
  14. Oh Death
  15. Nobody Knows, Nobody Cares
  16. Since Jesus Came Into My Heart
  17. How I Love Jesus
  18. Are You Washed In the Blood?
  19. Precious Lord, Take My Hand

Travis released one other Gospel project after Glory Train, 2008's Around the Bend. He has several wonderful country Gospel songs that will continue to live on long after he's gone, whether he ever returns to the stage and/or studio or not. 

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