Quickening Moon

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In February, the nights are cold and we begin to feel a bit of cabin fever. This month's full moon is called the Quickening Moon, although in some places it's referred to as the Ice Moon, for obvious reasons. In other areas, it's known as the Hunger Moon. After all, this is the time of year when our ancestors began to feel the bite of winter in their bellies, sitting by a dwindling fire in the long dark night, wondering if they had stockpiled enough bread or meat or grain to get them through until spring.

By now, most of us are tired of being cooped up in the house, and there's a part of us that's just longing for a bit of warmth. This is the season of Imbolc, the days when we know that if we can just hold on for a few more weeks, we might get lucky and see little green shoots peeking out through the snow and slush.


The Quickening Moon is associated with the colors purple and blue, as well as with the gemstones rose quartz, jasper, and amethyst. If you want to incorporate tree magic into your workings and rituals, use rowan and myrtle for maximum effectiveness. To do some deity work, Brighid, Aphrodite, Juno, and Mars are all associated with this time of year. For herbal correspondences, try adding hyssop, sage, and myrrh into your Quickening Moon rituals and spells. Finally, keep in mind that this month is associated with the element of fire.

Quickening Moon Magic

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This is a month when new life is beginning, but still lies dormant. Pregnant animals, due in the spring, begin to feel the quickening of their unborn young. The earth itself is quickening, as seeds and bulbs far beneath the soil begin their journey towards the light. We know these things are coming–and we know also that this is a good month to make plans for the future. We can dream and hope, and set goals for ourselves. Accept responsibility for mistakes you've made in the past, and move on. Magical workings this month should focus on personal achievements and advancement.

Try one or more of these for a bit of Quickening Moon magic this month:

  • Plant some seeds in a pot of warm soil, to represent not just the new life that is beginning in the earth, but also the things you hope to achieve this year. If you're planning a magical herb or flower garden, select your seeds based on the needs of the coming seasons.
  • Perform a meditation to do a bit of self-evaluation. Do you need to rethink the baggage you're carrying around? Maybe this is the year you make big changes? A bit of reflective meditation is a good way to gain focus not only on what you hope to achieve, but the path you'll need to take to make things happen.
  • Do a winter full moon ritual, to to reflect on darkness of the season, and know that without it, there can be no light. Think about what brings darkness to your own life, and recognize that if you never faced the dark, you'd have far less appreciation for the light.
  • This is a season of hearth and home. If you're someone who's crafty, get hands-on with your magic. Develop your skills and hone your talents, and channel that creativity into magical purposes. Try knitting a warm hat or scarf to wear for outdoor rituals, sewing a new altar cloth, crafting some jewelry that reflects your beliefs, or writing a song or poem honoring the gods and goddesses of your tradition.

Thanks to its proximity to Imbolc, the Quickening Moon season is a time of magical energy related to the feminine aspect of the goddess, of new beginnings, and of fire.

Divination and Ritual

It's a great time to focus on divination and increasing your own magical gifts and abilities. Take advantage of these concepts, and plan your workings accordingly.

  • Take an Imbolc Cleansing Ritual Bath to clean the body, but also to cleanse the mind and soul.
  • An Imbolc House Cleansing Ceremony is a good way to get a jump on your spring cleaning before the weather gets warm.
  • Since this time of year is associated with fire, do a Fire Scrying Ritual to see what the coming months hold in store for you.
  • Do some Lithomancy divination by combining symbols with your own intuitive powers. You can craft a set of divination stones easily following some basic instructions.
  • Do a meditation to honor Brighid, the Celtic hearth goddess. She is associated with the crossroads, and can be called upon when you need help making decisions or tough choices, particularly as they relate to domestic life.
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