Quick Spell to Stop a Gossip

Stop a gossip with a simple binding spell. Image © George Marks/Getty Images

Disclaimer: the spells contained on this website are collected from years of personal experience, folk magic traditions, and various occult sources as noted. They are posted with the intention of being helpful to those who are looking for spell resources and may need to be adjusted to fit your individual need. Please bear in mind that if your particular belief system prohibits you from casting certain types of spells, you should probably not do so -- however, it's important to recognize that not all magical traditions follow the same set of guidelines when it comes to spellwork.

If someone is talking about you behind your back and spreading malicious lies and rumors, there are a number of ways to put a stop to it. This one is based on a spell found in Scottish folk magic, and works on the notion of “binding the tongue.”

What You'll Need

  • A cow tongue, available at most grocery store deli counters
  • A knife
  • A piece of paper
  • A pen
  • Sturdy twine

Steps To Take

Use the knife to cut a slit in down the center of the cow tongue. Write the person’s name on the piece of paper, and stick it into the opening you’ve made. Wrap the twine around the tongue tightly, binding it shut. If you wish, you may want to include an incantation, such as:

“Out of sight, out of mind,
Your wicked talk I now bind.
Your words go far away from me,
As I will, so it shall be.”

Take the tongue someplace far away, dig a hole, and bury it.

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