How To Give a Quick Reiki Treatment

Instructions for Conducting a Reiki Session from a Sitting Position

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Although it is preferable to conduct a complete Reiki session circumstances can arise that will prevent Reiki practitioners from being able to give someone a full treatment. In any event, a shorter session is better than none at all.

Here are the basic hand placements for practitioners to use in carrying out a shortened Reiki session. Rather than laying down on a bed, couch, or massage table the client sits upright in a chair. The same instructions apply if you are needing to give Reiki to someone confined to a wheelchair.

Basic Instructions for Carrying Out a Quick Session

Have the client sit upright comfortably in a straight backed chair or wheelchair. Instruct your client to take a few deep relaxing breaths. Take a few deep cleansing breaths yourself as well. Proceed with your treatment beginning with the shoulder position. These hands positions are intended to be used with your palms touching the client's body. However, you can also apply non-touch Reiki application by hovering your hands a couple of inches away from the body by following these same steps.

  1. Shoulder Position - Standing behind the client, place each of your hands on top of their shoulders. (2-5 minutes)
  2. Top of Head Position - Lay your palms on the top of the head, hands flat, thumbs touching. (2-5 minutes)
  3. Medulla Oblongata / Forehead Position - Move to the client's side, lay one hand on the Medulla oblongata (the area between the back of the head and the top of the spine) and the other on the forehead. (2-5 minutes)
  4. Vertebra / Throat Position - Lay one hand on the seventh protruding cervical vertebra and the other in the pit of the throat. (2-5 minutes)
  5. Back / Breastbone Position - Lay one hand on the breastbone and the other on the back at the same height.(2-5 minutes)
  6. Back / Solar Plexus Position - Lay one hand on the solar plexus (stomach) and the other at the same height on the back.(2-5 minutes)
  7. Back / Lower Stomach Position - Lay one hand on the lower stomach and the other at the bottom of the back at the same height. (2-5 minutes)
  8. Auric Sweep - Finish with an aura sweeping to clear the auric field of the client's body. (1 minute)

Helpful Tips:

  • If the client requires the support of the back of the chair at all time throughout the session simply lay your hand on the back of the chair rather than directly onto the body. Reiki energy will automatically pass through the chair to the person. This is especially good to know if you are working with a client who is wheelchair bound.
  • Although there is not enough time to give a full treatment, do your best not to give the impression that you are rushing a treatment. Use the short time available to you in a calm state of relaxation.
  • Reiki hand positions are meant as guidelines, feel free to change the sequence or alter the positions intuitively or in whatever way feels appropriate.
  • Make sure you (the facilitator) are comfortable even if that means that you are sitting in a chair alongside the client. It can get quite tiresome to do a chair treatment from a standing position... bending over, etc. >​
  • Recommend that the client arrange for a full follow-up treatment at their earliest convenience.

Reiki First Aid

Reiki has also proved to be excellent as an additional means of giving first aid in the case of accidents and shock. Here you should immediately lay one hand onto the solar plexus and the other onto the kidneys (suprarenal glands). Once you have done this, move the second hand to the outer edge of the shoulders.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician. You should seek prompt medical care for any health issues and consult your doctor before using alternative medicine or making a change to your regimen.

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