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Purple Harmony Plates
Purple Harmony Plates. © Phylameana lila Desy

What Are These Magical "Positive Energy Plates" Anyway?

I first learned about "purple plates" when I read Linda Goodman's book Star Signs: The Secret Codes of the Universe in 1987. At that time I ordered one large plate and three smaller plates. Today I still have the larger plate and one of the smaller plates (pictured here). I use the larger plate under my computer keyboard sometimes when I'm experiencing writer's block. I also will place the larger plate under my bed while sleeping to help rejuvenate my mind and body whenever I'm experiencing fatigue.

I remember giving away one of my smaller plates to one of my children, but I have since misplaced one of the two remaining ones. Or, perhaps it "dematerialized" as some people have reported happening to their plates. Anyway, the one I have left is usually tucked inside a wooden box where I keep our checkbooks or inside my purse. I discovered when I first began using the smaller plate that it had an uncanny power to multiply cash when kept inside my wallet. At least, it seemed like it did. No one ever told me to use a purple plate to attract abundance, but I figured if these plates were about balancing energy, then its talents should also apply to balancing the law of attraction. My wallet at the time seemed to be experiencing more cash flowing out of it than into it, so I that's why I decided to try using the smaller plate to create a more balanced ebb and flow of my finances. I must say, although I don't feel rich, nor do I feel strapped for cash any longer. Coincidence? I don't think so. But, then I have so many other tools and tricks up my sleeve when it comes to manifesting abundance that I'm not sure I can totally give credit over to a small purple plate.

What Are Purple Plates?

They are colored anodized aluminum plates. Through this process of restructuring atoms and electrons these "magical" plates are not charged with life energy, but rather, they are altered to vibrate with the universal life energy. Because of this, their structure never diminishes. I would classify purple plates as vibrational healing tools. Supposedly, the color of the plates have nothing to do with why these plates work the way they do, it was merely a color choice by the original inventor of this product. It is the atomic resonance of the plates that is doing the work, not the color. Purple plates will continue to function as if new for as long as you care to use them. Nikola Tesla is an inventor attributed to inspiring the technology of purple plates, a tachyon energy product. However, information for creating these plates based on Tesla's ideas came from Ralph Bergstresser, a man who once worked with Tesla.

What Do Purple Plates Do?

Purple plates are said to raise vibratory frequencies of anyone or any living thing (plants, food, water, animals, crystals, etc.). Some people are using the plates to protect them against electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in the environment and from EMR producing equipment, e.g. computers, TVs, etc.

In Star Signs Linda Goodman suggests that these "magical" plates can be used as a pain reliever. She also suggests a plate can be used to bridge misunderstandings between two persons. To do this you would place a photograph of the person who you are in conflict with for no more than one hour daily to bring about an apology, resolution, or understanding of minds.

Other Purple Plate applications users have reported include:

  • Creating Positive Energy
  • Extending Shelf Life of Refrigerated Foods
  • Purifying Drinking Water
  • Easing Fatigue
  • Reducing Stress
  • Promoting Health and Growth of House Plants
  • Cleansing Gemstones and Crystals
  • Enhancing Meditation

Where Can I Purchase Purple Plates?

Other online markets include:

  • Purple Harmony Plates are available for purchase from Energy Innovation Products. Harmony Plates come in two sizes 4.5" x 2.75 or 12" x 12" - They also come in disk and angel shapes. Energy Innovation Products offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (including shipping costs).
  • Tesla Plates - Swiss made Tesla Color Plates are available in purple as well as indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.

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