Scary Death Predictions by Psychics

Can a Psychic Predict Someone's Death?

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I frequently receive emails from readers who are upset by information or predictions given to them by a psychic reader or intuitive counselor. They are concerned that their chakras are out of alignment, that they are living under a curse, or worse... that they are going to die! My heart goes out to them and wish to ease their fears.

I don't believe in curses, your chakras are in constant flux, and we are all going to die a physical death and leave this world at some point. Dying is no great revelation. However, what if during a reading, the psychic advisor unexpectedly blurted out that you or a loved one was going to die sometime in the next five years? How would you handle that information? If someone predicted I was going to die in a reading, I would agree. But, I would also tell them I don't want to know the details. Since I've sat on both sides of the crystal ball (querent and advisor) I'd likely probe the psychic as to why he feels it is okay to predict death for anyone. I personally feel it is unethical to do so.

A death prediction was given to a woman who emailed me a few weeks ago. She had not specifically sought out a psychic for spiritual guidance. In this circumstance, she had been invited to go out with friends for dinner. The evening was meant to be a friendly get-together for socializing and entertainment. The dining experience included a free tea-leaf reading. Okay, that sounds intriguing and kind of fun, right? Well... not so fast. The "for-entertainment-only-tea-leaf-reader" told an un-expecting woman that her husband would die within the next five years. She is understandably distraught and stressed out over this prediction.

She wrote to me saying "Due to her prediction I am so fearful every time my husband leaves the house as she predicts he will go suddenly." The question she wanted answered was:

Can a Psychic Predict Someone's Death?

Below is a summation of the email/response that I sent to her:

I personally would not give any credibility to someone who predicts a death for a specific person in a tea reading or any other form of divination. Very unethical.
To answer your question. The prediction of a terminal illness or possible pending death could be accurate. I mean, the reader would have 50% chance of being right. Someone dies or they don't. Divination is the art of predicting possibilities and probabilities, not an exact science. A woman I know believed that her husband would be injured on the job and die within 2 years time. She believed this because a psychic who she trusted had told her so. She purchased a insurance policy based on the prediction... this was some eighteen years ago. Well, as you might have guessed, her husband is still alive today. I don't know if she still keeps up the hefty insurance premiums.
There are different approaches that readers can take in divulging difficult information to clients. I have intuited death in a few readings but all were after the fact. I basically intuited the grief the person was experiencing rather than foretelling a future death. I have also intuited grave illness and less dire health concerns for loved ones and have advised they get physical exams or lab testing done. I don't diagnose conditions or predict death.... not ever.
Psychic advisors, we hope, will do their best to "interpret" information that they have intuited accurately, but the information can be a bit foggy. As you can imagine there can be some translation issues, interpretations can be off the mark. Tea-readings involve interpretation of symbols. Being a clairvoyant, I know about symbols, I will often see symbols and images that require some interpretation. The problem is, a symbol can mean very different things to different people.
An apple for example can be a favorite fruit, a temptation, a patriot ( American as apple pie), etc. Apples are very symbolic. If I were to intuit a rotting apple I might describe it as representing a deceptive person, a juicy red apple I would likely interpret as a temptation given, whereas a bite bitten out of a red apple is a temptation taken. A Granny Smith apple likely represents a grandmother being in the picture. An apple core might represent core beliefs about nutrition... or something else. So many different interpretations for an apple. Plus, an apple might mean something entirely different for the querent... perhaps the querent is thinking about purchasing an Apple computer. An apple in their reading gives them the nudge they need to make the purchase. You just never know.
I'd be curious to know how the reader interpreted death of a husband in a tea leaf reading. The Death Card in Tarot seldom represents a physical death, it normally represents an ending or significant change. So if the reader saw a death symbol in the tea reading it could have just as easily been predicting a divorce, loss of employment, law suit, or change in belief systems.

Further, I suggest she not buy into predictions told by others so easily, be they good or bad. Best to use discernment when accepting or rejecting intuitive information shared by others. I also warned her not to seek out more psychics (which might be her impulse) in an attempt to confirm or negate the scary prediction she had been given.

Why Did I Give Her Advice to Stay Clear of Other Psychics?

The problem I have with her seeking more advice in the short term is because the fear of losing her husband is now lodged in her energetic field. Many intuitives read energies or vibrations of the person at the time of the reading. This is why some readers are really good at what they do. For example, if you are considering making a move a reader might pick up on that and predict you ARE going to move to another location. They see a probable move in your future because the thought-energy is glaring right at them. Same with anyone searching for a soulmate, wanting to have a baby, contemplating divorce, or are considering some other life change. Psychics will pick up on desires and fears... both!

Ways to Release Fear

She is still working on releasing the fear of losing her husband that has gripped her. I suggested she try some clearing visualizations but afterwards I thought EFT might also be a healing approach that could help her. She informs me she has also been taking Rescue Remedy (good idea!) to treat her trauma.

What was most upsetting to me about this situation is the SHOCK factor of it. Imagine enjoying a cup of tea after dinner and WHAM you're told you'll soon be wearing widow's garb. The whole thing reeks of unprofessionalism. And as a call out to any psychics who are reading this. When sensing a "possible death scenario" please think about a kind way to approach sharing information. There are kinder ways to assist your clients. If you are seeing a health issue rising, perhaps suggest a better diet or quit smoking, or advise a visit to the doctor. Everything that is intuited need not be shared.... a sensitive reader will understand how much or how little to reveal to someone. Sometimes, leaving things unsaid is best. Plus.... you could be wrong!

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician. You should seek prompt medical care for any health issues and consult your doctor before using alternative medicine or making a change to your regimen.

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