Prophets Are Heavenly Father's Spokesmen on Earth

Prophets Also Serve as Leaders and Administrators of His True Church on Earth

Statue of Joseph Smith, founder of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
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Heavenly Father has always chosen to communicate via prophets. Mormons believe in ancients prophets and modern ones. We believe that Heavenly Father currently speaks to a living prophet. This living prophet is the president and prophet of the Church.

Prophets are Men of God

A prophet is a man who has been called of God to speak for Him and be His messenger. A prophet receives the Lord's word for humanity; including revelations, prophecies and commandments. When a prophet writes down the word of God it is called scripture.

As His earthly spokesmen, prophets convey the mind and will of Heavenly Father. He speaks to them and through them. Prophets have the ability to receive modern revelation and to explain and proclaim what existing scripture means.

Prophets are often instructed by Heavenly Father to convey warnings and to exhort people to repent, or be destroyed.

Living prophets today are in charge of leading and administering the modern Church

Why We Need Prophets

As a result of the fall of Adam and Eve, we became separated from the presence of our Heavenly Father. Being mortal, we could no longer walk and talk with Heavenly Father, as we had in our premortal life and before the Fall.

As our eternal father, God loves us and desires us to return to Him after our mortal deaths. To be worthy to live with Him after we die, we need to know and keep His commandments here on earth.

Throughout time, past and present, Heavenly Father has chosen righteous men to be His prophets, His spokesmen. These prophets, ancient or modern, tell us what we should know here on earth and what we should do here while in mortality.

Prophets Testify of Jesus Christ

A prophet is also a special witness of Jesus Christ and testifies of Him. He testifies that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He atoned for our sins.

Ancient prophets foretold of Jesus Christ, his birth, his mission and his death. Prophets since have testified that Jesus Christ lived and that he atoned for our sins. They have also taught that we will be able to return and live with both Him and Jesus Christ; if we make the necessary covenants and receive the required ordinances of this life.

This special responsibility of living prophets is best illustrated in the proclamation entitled, The Living Christ:

We bear testimony, as His duly ordained Apostles— that Jesus is the Living Christ, the immortal Son of God. He is the great King Immanuel, who stands today on the right hand of His Father. He is the light, the life, and the hope of the world. His way is the path that leads to happiness in this life and eternal life in the world to come. God be thanked for the matchless gift of His divine Son.

What Prophets Preach

Prophets preach repentance and warn us of the consequences of sin, such as spiritual death. Prophets also teach the gospel of Jesus Christ including:

  • Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Repentance
  • Baptism by immersion for the remission of sins
  • The gift of the Holy Ghost

Through His prophets God reveals His will to the entire world. Sometimes, for our safety and help, a prophet is inspired of God to prophesy about future events. All that the Lord reveals through His prophets will come to pass.

Living Prophets Today Speak For Heavenly Father

Just as Heavenly Father called prophets in the past, such as Abraham and Moses, God has called living prophets today.

He called and empowered prophets on the American continent. Their teachings are contained in the Book of Mormon.

In these latter days, Heavenly Father visited Joseph Smith and chose him as His prophet. Through Joseph, Jesus Christ restored His church and His priesthood, the authority to act in His name.

Since the time of Joseph Smith, Heavenly Father has continued to call prophets and apostles to lead His people and proclaim His truth to the world. 

Prophets, Seers and Revelators

The living prophet is the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The prophet, his counselors and the members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles are all sustained as prophets, seers and revelators.

The current prophet and president is the only person who receives revelation from Heavenly Father to direct the entire body of the Church. He will never teach anything contrary to the will of God.

Latter-day prophets, apostles and other leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ speak to the world every six months in a General Conference. Their teachings are available online and in print.

Living prophets will continue to lead the Church until Jesus Christ's second coming. At that time, Jesus Christ will lead the Church.

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