Praying for Deliverence From Homosexuality

Understanding Deliverance

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Every Christian denomination has different beliefs about homosexuality, and some believe that homosexuality is a behavior from which a Christian teen can be delivered. Yet, if you are of that belief, deliverance is not always easy. It can be discouraging to pray for deliverance and still have same-sex attractions. However, the struggle does not mean God is not listening.

The Process of Deliverance from Homosexuality

If you seek to be delivered from homosexuality you may feel as if your prayers are not being answered. Every day may seem like a struggle. It is important for Christian teens struggling to be released from certain desires to understand that deliverance is a process, and it is often never instantaneous. Sometimes deliverance from homosexuality is long and difficult, but have faith that God is with you every step of the way. Be patient and eventually you will see progress.

God's Priorities Versus Our Priorities

Patience in the process of deliverance is difficult. Yet, God knows when certain things need to happen better than we do. Sometimes God has other priorities in order to get you to the point where you are really ready to be delivered from homosexual desires and behavior. Those priorities may not always be the same as our own, and that can be very frustrating, because God's priorities may not always seem like they are related to homosexuality or same-sex attractions.

Is True Deliverance from Homosexuality Possible?

Some say that absolute deliverance from homosexuality is possible, while others say that same-sex attraction may continue throughout a person's life. That being said, complete deliverance may not be guaranteed. Yet, if you believe homosexuality is a sin, then it may mean that you are given the strength to resist the temptations. In other cases you may never be faced with homosexual temptation ever again. Every person's level of deliverance is different.

Just because there are different levels of deliverance doesn't mean that you should not continue to pray. If you truly desire to come out of homosexuality then continue to ask God to help you through the process. Many Christian teens that face homosexual desires find that God's strength allows them to move on in their desired direction.