Angel Prayers: Praying to Archangel Zadkiel

How to Pray for Help from Zadkiel, Angel of Mercy

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Archangel Zadkiel, angel of mercy, I thank God for making you such a blessing to people who need God's mercy. In this fallen world, no one is perfect; everyone makes mistakes because of sin that has infected all of us. But you, Zadkiel, living close to God in heaven, know very well how God's great combination of unconditional love and perfect holiness compels him to help us with mercy. God and his messengers, like you, want to help humanity overcome every injustice that sin has brought into the world God has created.

Please help me approach God for mercy when I've done something wrong. Let me know that God cares and will be merciful to me when I confess and turn away from my sins. Encourage me to seek the forgiveness that God offers me, and try to learn the lessons that God wants to teach me from my mistakes. Remind me that God knows what's best for me even more than I do myself.

Empower me to choose to forgive people who have hurt me and trust God to handle each hurtful situation for the best. Comfort and heal me from my painful memories, as well as from negative emotions like bitterness and anxiety. Remind me that every person who has hurt me through his or her mistakes needs mercy just as much as I do when I make mistakes. Since God gives me mercy, I know I should give others mercy as an expression of my gratitude to God. Motivate me to show mercy to other hurting people and repair broken relationships whenever I can.

As the leader of the Dominions rank of angels who help keep the world organized in the right order, send me the wisdom I need to get my life in order well. Show me what priorities I should set based on what matters most -- fulfilling God's purposes for my life -- and help me act on those priorities every day with a healthy balance of truth and love. Through each wise decision, I make, help me be a channel of mercy for God’s love to flow from me to other people.

Show me how to become a merciful person in every part of my life. Teach me to value kindness, respect, and dignity in my relationships with the people I know. Encourage me to listen to other people when they're sharing their thoughts and feelings with me. Remind me to honor their stories and find ways to join my story to theirs with love. Urge me to take action whenever God wants me to reach out to help someone in need, both through prayer and practical help.

Through mercy, may I be transformed for the better myself and inspire other people to seek God and be transformed themselves in the process. Amen.

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