Angel Prayers: Praying to Archangel Uriel

How to Pray for Help from Uriel, the Angel of Wisdom

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Praying to angels is a tradition in many religions as well as those who follow New Age spirituality. This prayer invokes the strengths and qualities of Archangel Uriel, the angel of wisdom and patron saint of the arts and sciences.

Why Do People Pray to Archangel Uriel?

In Catholic, Orthodox, and some other Christian traditions, the angel is an intercessor who will carry the prayer to God. Often, a prayer is made to an angel or patron saint in alignment with the prayer request, which can help focus the prayer as you keep in mind the qualities of the saint or angel. In New Age spirituality, praying to angels is a way of connecting with the divine part of yourself and enhancing your focus on desired outcomes.

You can use the format of this prayer and specific sentences to invoke Archangel Uriel, who is the patron saint of the arts and sciences. He is most often prayed to when you are seeking God's will before making decisions or you need help solving problems and resolving conflicts.

Prayer to Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel, angel of wisdom, I thank God for making you so wise and pray that you would send wisdom to me. Please shine the light of God's wisdom into my life whenever I'm facing an important decision, so I can decide in light of what's best.

Please help me seek God's will in all situations.

Help me to discover God's good purposes for my life so I can base my priorities and daily decisions on what would best help me fulfill those purposes.

Give me a thorough understanding of myself so I can focus my time and energy on pursuing what God has created me and uniquely gifted me to do - what I'm most interested in, and what I can do well.

Remind me that the most important value of all is love, and help me make my ultimate goal love (loving God, myself, and other people) as I work to accomplish God's will in every aspect of my life.

Give me the inspiration I need to come up with fresh, creative ideas.

Help me learn new information well.

Guide me toward wise solutions to the problems I face.

As the angel of earth, help me stay grounded in God's wisdom so I can stand on a solid spiritual foundation as I learn and grow every day.

Encourage me to keep an open mind and heart as I progress toward becoming the person God wants me to become.

Empower me to resolve conflicts with other people, and to let go of destructive emotions such as anxiety and anger that can prevent me from discerning divine wisdom.

Please stabilize me emotionally do so I be at peace with God, myself, and others.

Show me down-to-earth ways to resolve the conflicts in my life.

Urge me to pursue forgiveness so I can move forward well.

Thanks for your wise guidance in my life, Uriel. Amen.

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