Angel Prayers: Praying to Archangel Raziel

Raziel is the angel of mysteries

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Raziel, angel of mysteries, I thank God for making you a powerful channel through which God reveals holy mysteries at the right times and in the right ways. Whenever something happens in my life that I don't understand, encourage me to trust God in the midst of the mysteriousness of it. Reassure me of God's promises to always do what is best for me according to his good purposes for my life.

Since you have a special love for sacred scriptures, please show me the divine wisdom that my faith's holy texts contain whenever I read them. Help me to hear God's guidance more clearly, especially when I'm facing important decisions. Give me deeper spiritual insights, and urge me to pray about circumstances I don't understand that God has allowed into my life. Remind me that God will always respond to my prayers somehow, according to his purposes. While I'm waiting for answers, and when unexpected answers come, let the mystery I experience motivate me to draw closer to God by seeking a closer relationship with him. The closer I become to God, the more I'll discover how good he is, and the more I'll be able to trust him even in circumstances that I don't understand.

Help me understand, evaluate, and apply information well in my life. So much information comes at me every day that it's overwhelming. Teach me to think critically about it all from the perspective of eternal values, so I can discern what's truly important and what doesn't really matter. Help me recognize what reflects reality -- the true principles that God has designed in the universe -- versus what is spiritually false and deceptive. Help me develop and maintain spiritual disciplines (like reading my faith's scriptures, praying, and meditating) that will help me stay spiritually grounded and give me a faithful perspective through which I can carefully consider all the information that I encounter.

Whenever I have to concentrate on learning something new (such as for a project at work or a test at school), help me to stay focused rather than getting distracted. Teach me how to understand the information thoroughly and figure out how to apply it to my life well.

Get my attention with your insightful spiritual messages in whatever ways would work best. I'll be alert to any new insights from God that he may choose to send me through you, including through such means as dream messages and messages through extrasensory perception (visual messages through clairvoyance, auditory messages through clairaudience, scent messages through clairalience, taste messages through clairgustance, and feeling messages through clairsentience).

Show me the spiritual secrets of the universe that God wants me to know, and teach me to apply what I've learned in practical ways so I can live with wisdom. Amen.

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