Angel Prayers: Praying to Archangel Raguel

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Archangel Raguel, angel of justice and harmony, I thank God for making you a devoted advocate for God's will to be done throughout the universe. Please empower me to relate to God and other people in ways that lead to fairness and peace. I want to do what's right and be a force for good in the world.

There's so much that's going wrong in this fallen world and in my life. I confess that I'm upset about it—and I know that you understand, because sin makes you mad, too. Whenever you see injustice, it disturbs you because it doesn't reflect how God, the Creator, designed the world, and it brings pain into the lives of people God loves, like me.

Raguel, please show me how I can direct the energy of my anger at injustice in good ways. Help me avoid expressing my anger in destructive ways that will only lead to more pain. Guide me to constructive ways I can use my anger to fight injustice with justice: to overcome evil with good. Just as light always overcomes darkness, God's power is far greater than any kind of evil. I believe that God's power will work through my life to right wrongs as I pray and take action faithfully. Help me overcome discouragement and apathy so I can do what's right whenever I have opportunities to do so.

Please bring specific types of injustice to my attention in situations where God wants me to help expose the truth of what's happening and bring change for the better. Help me overcome mistreatment and get the respect I deserve from others, while also being careful to treat others with the respect they deserve. Guide me to successfully resolve conflicts in my relationships with loved ones like family members and friends, as well as others I interact with every day on the job and around my community. Motivate and empower me to help solve problems such as gossip, slander, dishonesty, neglect, exclusion, harassment, and oppression among the people I know. Show me which specific causes I can best support to join the fight against injustice in the greater world (poverty, crime, human rights violations, abuse of the planet's environment, etc.). Direct me to use my personal resources (time, energy, money, and talent) to help make the world a more just place in the ways that God most wants me to get involved.

As a leading member of the principalities angelic rank, Raguel, please help me bring order out of the chaos in my life so I can grow in wisdom and stay true to my spiritual convictions under pressure. Encourage me to make prayer a top priority in my daily life and to establish a regular habit of other helpful spiritual disciplines, such as reading and reflecting on my faith's sacred texts. Teach me how to order my schedule so that I'm investing in what matters most: what has eternal value.

Help me renew my commitment to doing what's right and being a force for good in the world every day that God gives me. May the world become a better place because I lived in it. Amen.

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