Angel Prayers: Praying to Archangel Michael

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Archangel Michael, God's top angel, I thank God for making you a strong leader who fights for good to be victorious over evil and who lights the fire of passionate faith in people's souls. As I pray for your help in my life, I know that you will respond personally, since you and the vast, innumerable amount of angels you supervise can cross the boundaries of time and space in all dimensions to respond to prayers from humanity.

As someone who has defended God's truth throughout history, please give me the wisdom I need to avoid deception and discern what's really true in every part of my life -- from my relationships to my work. Help me see each situation I encounter from an accurate perspective, set the best priorities, and make the best decisions in my life each day. Urge and motivate me to pursue spiritual disciplines like prayer and reading sacred scriptures that will strengthen my faith in God and passion for his truth.

Please give me the courage I need to overcome my fears. Thank you that when I ask you to intervene in any challenging situation, I never need to worry, because you never fail to answer the prayer of someone who truly loves God. You will help me understand and respond to my nightmares, give me the guidance I need to be courageous in my waking life, and stop attacks against me in the spiritual realm so I can live with the peace and confidence that God wants me to enjoy.

Whenever I face danger, please help keep me safe. You know even more than I do about the many different types of danger I face every day that can harm my body or soul. Please help me pay attention to warnings from my guardian angel whenever he or she has a message to communicate that will protect me from danger I can avoid. If I'm putting myself in danger in some way (such as through an addiction), empower me to stop making unhealthy choices and start making healthy decisions that will move me out of danger.

Michael, give me the strength I need to resist temptations to sin and instead do what's right, even in the most challenging situations. Just as you have helped people throughout history who needed strength to stay faithful under pressure (such as Saint Joan of Arc and the Bible heroes Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego), I believe that you will help me since I'm just as important to you, and to God.

Encourage me to take the risks that God is calling me to take, so I can make all the contributions God has uniquely designed me to make during my lifetime. Let nothing hold me back from discovering and fulfilling God's purposes for my life. Urge me to take action whenever I should say or do something that will glorify God and help other people move closer to him. Open doors to opportunities for me to shine the light of my faith into the world's darkness.

 Thank you, Michael, for your great passion for God that inspires me to live my life for him. Amen.

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