Angel Prayers: Praying to Archangel Jophiel

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The following is a prayer that may be used for the angel Jophiel:

"Jophiel, angel of beauty, I thank God for making you such a blessing to people who are seeking beauty in their lives. Please help me notice and appreciate how the beauty of our Creator is reflected in every part of creation—including me. Help me see myself the way God sees me—as someone whose body, mind, and spirit are completely beautiful because they reflect the work of God who made me and loves me without limits.

Empower me to respond well to the barrage of messages that society sends me every day, telling me that somehow I'm not beautiful enough. Whenever I encounter one of those messages (from advertisements to social media postings), remind me that, in truth, I am beautiful. Help me develop the habit of focusing my thoughts on what God says about me rather than on what other people happen to say about me.

My body is unique and wonderful because it was specially designed by God to function in amazing ways. Help me not to worry about any of the differences in my body from the bodies that God has given other people. I may not be as tall as I'd like or have the color of eyes or type of hair I'd prefer. Maybe one of my facial features bothers me, or my figure isn't what I'd like it to be... so what? God has made me who I am for good purposes. Give me the confidence I need to accept my body fully and appreciate its distinctive beauty. Encourage me to take good care of my body, as well, through such healthy habits as eating nutritious foods and getting enough sleep and exercise regularly.

My mind is a powerful gift from God. Bring beautiful thoughts into my mind so I can deal with every situation in my life wisely and from an accurate perspective that reflects the beauty of God's truth. Give me the strength I need to turn my mental focus away from ugly thoughts that don't reflect God's healthy and positive values. Teach me to think critically about the thoughts that enter my mind so I can learn to recognize which ones are really true, concentrate on those, and let the rest go. Empower me to change patterns of unhealthy thinking that fuel addictions from which God wants me to break free. As my mind is flooded with lots of information each day, help me to concentrate, absorb, and understand what's most important. Let me constantly be learning something new that God wants me to know. Give me fresh creative ideas each day for solving problems, working on projects, and expressing my thoughts and feelings in ways that bring joy to myself and the people who know me.

My spirit is a treasure with eternal and infinite value. Help me to grow closer to God every day by discovering more about God's holiness and developing those same virtues in my own life. Teach me to be a more loving person above all since God's essence is love. Let me be able to sense the presence of God's spirit with me. Help me to trust in the beauty of God's purposes for me and to know that, whenever I pray, God will respond in beautiful ways to work out each situation for the best.


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