Angel Prayers: Praying to Archangel Jeremiel

How to Pray for Help from Jeremiel, Angel of Hopeful Visions and Dreams

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Jeremiel (Ramiel), the angel of hopeful visions and dreams, I'm grateful to God for making you a powerful channel through which God communicates hopeful messages to people who are discouraged or troubled. Please guide me as I evaluate my life to try to figure out what God would like me to change. Some parts of my life haven't turned out the way I'd hoped they would. You know all the details of the pain I'm going through right now because of either disappointing or frustrating circumstances or the consequences of mistakes I've made. I confess that I'm so discouraged that it's hard for me to feel hopeful about my life getting better in the future. Please encourage me with a hopeful vision or dream of the good plans God has for me.

I need your help to figure out how to restore broken relationships in my life. As I've interacted with my family, friends, romantic partner, co-workers and other people I know, we have hurt each other in a variety of ways -- often, without meaning to do so. Show me what I could do differently to start the healing process in those relationships about which I'm most concerned right now. [Mention those relationships specifically.]

Empower me to overcome the bitterness I feel from betrayal in my relationships. Guide me through the process of rebuilding trust with people who have hurt me before, including forgiving them and setting healthy boundaries for our relationships as we move forward. Help me learn from my mistakes and make better choices as I relate to them from this point on, so we can build stronger, closer relationships with each other.

I'm also concerned about the state of my health. As I pursue healing for the illness or injury I'm suffering from now, please encourage me throughout the healing process as I discover God's will in my situation. If I have to endure a chronic medical condition, give me the spiritual strength I need to face each day with courage, knowing that I'm not alone in my struggle, but that you, God, and many other angels and people care about what I'm going through.

Sometimes I worry about whether or not I'll have enough fulfilling work or money for the future. Remind me that God is my ultimate provider and encourage me to trust God day by day to provide what I need. Help me to do whatever I should do to improve my financial situation, from getting out of debt to looking for a new job that pays a higher income. When I'm facing work or financial problems, bring solutions to my mind. Open doors for me to enjoy prosperity according to God's will and purposes for my life -- and when I do, urge me to give generously to others who are in need.

While I would love to be able to know all the details of my future, God reveals only what I need to know when I need to know it, because he wants me to stay close to him every day and seek his guidance in fresh ways. Sometimes you may deliver a message from God about my future through a dream while I'm sleeping, or through extrasensory perception (ESP) while I'm awake, and I'll look forward to those times if God ordains them. But I know that you are always available to encourage me at all times and in all situations with the hope I need move forward in life with confidence. Thank you. Amen.

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