Angel Prayers: Praying to Archangel Haniel

How to Pray for Help from Haniel, the Angel of Joy

grandma hugging grandson
Rebecca Nelson / Getty Images

Haniel, angel of joy, I thank God for making you such a powerful channel for joy to flow from God into people's lives. Please help me find fulfillment in God -- the source of all joy -- rather than looking for it elsewhere and becoming frustrated and disappointed when I don't find it. Inspire me to pursue a closer relationship with God so I can truly find lasting joy.

Show me how to return to the sense of wonder I had as a child, when I enjoyed life without feeling guilty for taking the time to play and explore the wonderful world that God has made. Remind me often to include free time in my schedule so I can fully notice, experience, and appreciate the many small yet delightful blessings all around me in creation -- from the fresh scent of the air when I walk outside after it rains to the delicious taste of an apple when I eat a snack. Encourage me to spend relaxing time with my family and friends, as well, so I can enjoy the simple blessings of being together -- from hugging my spouse to talking with a friend over coffee. Just like a child, help me to always be learning something new and growing in wisdom as a result. Help me have the deep faith and trust in God that children have and that God wants people to continue to have, no matter how old we become.

Whenever you see that I'm being too hard on myself, or on other people, empower me to be more graceful. Remind me of God's grace that is always available to me. Help me tap into that grace so I'll be free to be myself (instead of striving to present a certain image to others) with the confidence that I am loved completely and unconditionally by God and his angels, like you. Heal any shame in my soul that is interfering with me embracing grace. Show me how to give grace to other people so they feel truly loved and respected with me. Guide me to navigate my relationships with difficult people gracefully so even when others aren't graceful to me I can set an example of grace. Help me develop and maintain harmonious relationships with God and other people. Send me healing from the wounds that stress and sorrow have given me.

Teach me how to laugh whenever I encounter something humorous in life. Point out funny situations I can enjoy. Encourage me to learn from them, as well, so I can better understand and appreciate the unique, quirky characteristics of the people I know and the fascinating aspects of human nature. Urge me to make time to celebrate and have fun regularly.

Inspire me to work with excellence on creative projects. Send me the ideas I need, sending me messages in a variety of ways -- from extrasensory perception to dreams -- so I can express my thoughts and feelings in creative ways that help make the world a better place.

Help me live joyfully and gracefully so I can be in harmony with God and other people every day. Amen.