A Prayer for Understanding and Compassion to Archangel Chamuel

How to Pray for Help from Chamuel, Angel of Peaceful Relationships

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There are seven archangels; Chamuel's name means 'he who sees God.' When praying to Chamuel, you are tapping into his ability to calm disharmony, heal relationships, and strengthen your connection with God. Many people pray to Chamuel when they are going through difficult times with friends, family, or other people in their lives. Others pray for greater compassion, or for a greater ability to see the work of God in all people and things.

A Prayer to Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel, angel of peaceful relationships, I thank God for making you such a powerful source of help for me in my relationships with God and other people.

Please teach me how to be at peace with myself, with God, and with others. Help me to see myself as God sees me, so I can enjoy the confidence of knowing that I'm one of God's beloved children who has been given a good and important purpose in life. Help me to see every other person with whom I have a relationship, from my family and friends to my coworkers and neighbors, as God's wonderful creations, just like me. Remind me that all people are God's wonderful creations, just like me. Remind me that all people (even difficult people) are worthy of respect and love.

Help me experience more of God's great, unconditional love and then pass that wonderful blessing along by serving as a channel for God's love to flow through my life into other people's lives. Open my heart to giving and receiving love freely.

Guide me as I try to resolve conflicts with other people. Show me what mistakes I've made that have contributed to disharmony in my relationships, and reveal what steps I can take to repair the damage that my mistakes have caused. Give me the compassion I need for others who have also made mistakes so I can heal from anger toward them and be motivated to work together with them to find solutions for the problems that have come between us.

Deliver the strength I need to forgive people who have hurt or offended me and to apologize to people whom I have hurt or offended. Give me the wisdom I need to set appropriate boundaries to guard my heart moving forward. If it's possible to reconcile with someone I've had a broken relationship with, guide us both to navigate the steps to reconciliation well.

Send me the courage I need to take the risks necessary to build meaningful connections with others. Remind me that even though I can't always trust others, I can always trust God, and God wants me to keep my heart open to the love he wants me to experience every day. Don't let me close my heart off from what's best for me because I've been hurt in the past. Encourage me to trust God in fresh ways every day, and rely on God, the source of all true love, to keep my heart open.

Help me find and nurture healthy romantic love. Purify my thoughts and feelings so I can make pure choices in my romantic life. If I want to get married, help me discover a husband or wife who's a good match for me and develop a healthy, holy, and happy marriage. May my beloved and I use our love for the greater good, creating a wonderful legacy of love that makes the world a better place because of our relationship.

Inspire and empower me to love everyone who I'm close to wholeheartedly, without holding anything back. Encourage me regularly to make my relationships with them a high priority in my life. Whenever they need my time and attention, help me to sacrifice lesser pursuits so I can be there for them.

May I enjoy peaceful relationships, with your help, every day that God gives me from now on. Amen.

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