Angel Prayers: Praying to Archangel Barachiel

How to Pray for Help from Barachiel, Angel of Blessings

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The following is a prayer that may be used for the angel Barachiel:

"Barachiel, angel of blessings, I thank God for making you a generous channel through which God pours many blessings into people's lives. Please intercede in prayer before God for me, asking God to bless me in all areas of my life—from my relationships with family and friends to my work. Grant me success in all of my pursuits that line up with God's will for me.

Teach me to understand blessings from an accurate perspective. If I focus mainly on the blessings I want God to give me, my perspective on God can become distorted, reducing my view of him to just a cosmic vending machine who dispenses blessings when I order them through my prayers. Show me how to approach God relationally instead of transactionally. Help me focus on God himself—the Giver—rather than the gifts that God can give me. Remind me that the ultimate blessing is a relationship with God. Urge me to make my relationship with God, my loving Father in heaven, my top priority, and to base my daily decisions on what will help me grow closer to God.

When I hope for a specific kind of a blessing in my life, remind me to pray about it. Intercede in prayer for me with God for each specific blessing I pray for, asking that God responds to my prayers by sending the blessings into my life at the right time and in the right way. If God chooses not to give me a blessing that I want, help me move away from anger and toward peace, trusting that the God who made me knows what's best for me. Redirect my thinking toward another blessing that God does want to give me.

Help me to recognize and appreciate the many small yet significant blessings that God is constantly pouring into my life. Encourage me with some tangible signs of your presence after I pray, such as your signature sign: rose petals that symbolize God's sweet blessings falling into my life. Remind me to celebrate every blessing God gives me and enjoy it to the fullest.

Thank you for your work leading the many guardian angels who so carefully watch over people on Earth. Please ask my own guardian angel to deliver as many blessings to me as God wants me to enjoy each day. If I need help from more than one guardian angel for protection when I'm in emotional or physical danger, arrange for additional guardian angels to come to me in that situation. Teach me how to develop a close friendship with my main guardian angel so I can discern that angel's place in my life and listen to his or her guidance, which will help me grow closer to God and enjoy the best life possible. Gently remind me often that guardian angels are at work recording everything I think, say, and do—encourage me to make the best, most loving choices possible every day so I can be a blessing to others and build a positive, faithful legacy.

Help me to enjoy God's blessings and to show my gratitude for those blessings by loving God and other people well. Amen."

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