Prayers for a Deceased Pet Dog

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If you've ever had the love of a good dog, you know how soul-crushing it can be when they leave us. A loyal dog is a true companion - they love us despite our shortcomings and failures, they're constantly happy to see us (even if we just left the room five minutes ago), and they somehow always manage to know when we need to feel better at the end of a long, rough day. It's hard to stay miserable and grumpy when someone comes running up to you at full speed, paws sliding everywhere, greeting you with a wet, slobbery kiss as you walk in the door.

When a pet dog dies, we're often left with a devastating feeling of loss. There's a giant doggy-shaped hole in our heart, and if your dog was the only pet you had, the sound of the silence in your home can be deafening after they cross over. Although it won't make your heart hurt any less, some people find comfort in holding a short ritual or saying a few prayers as a way of bidding their canine companion farewell.

These three simple prayers can be offered as a way of saying goodbye one last time - and this can be especially hard if you've had to euthanize your dog. Say farewell in a way that honors your dog's wild spirit, pays homage to the gods of the pack, and lets him know how much he was loved.

Short Prayer to Say Farewell

Faithful friend, loyal companion,
we say farewell to you now.
You have kept us warm at night,
protected our home
and offered us unconditional love.
For this we are thankful,
and we will remember you forever.

Prayer to Honor the Wild Spirit

In days gone by, the dog ran wild, untamed and free.
Although man may have tamed your bodies,
we have never tamed your spirit.
You are free now.
Go and run with your pack,
with your wild ancestors, racing by the midnight moon.
Go and hunt for your prey,
taking what is your birthright.
Join the wolf, the jackal, the wild dogs,
and run with your kin on the wild hunt.
Run, and guide your spirit home.

Prayer to the Gods of the Pack

Hail to you, Anubis, and may you protect this dog
as he runs to the afterlife.
Hail to you, Kerberos, guardian of the gates,
watcher of the land beyond,
may you welcome this dog to the next place.
Hail to you, Wepwawet, opener of the roads,
may you take this dog to stand beside you,
brave and loyal in life and death.
Hail to you, loyal pet, and may you be blessed
as you run into the sunset to the west,
chasing the stars into the night,
one final time.

Coping with Loss

If you've lost your dog - whether it was sudden and traumatic or following a long illness - it can be hard to cope. Dog Expert Jenna Stregowski, RVT advises on how to handle the grieving process after the death of a beloved pet. Jenna says, "The most important thing to remember is that grief takes time. You will always miss your companion, but things will get better. At first, there will be more bad days than good. Then, you will find that the bad and good days are even. Soon, you will have fewer bad days, and it will be easier to focus on the happy memories with less sadness."

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