7 Kids' Prayers Your Children Will Love to Say Aloud

Angel of God, my Guardian dear, To whom God's love commits me here; Ever this day, be at my side, To light and guard, To rule and guide. Amen.

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Children love to say prayers, especially prayers that contain rhyme and cadence. Teaching your kids to pray is a great way to introduce them to Jesus Christ and reinforce their relationship with God.

These simple children's prayers will help your kids learn to talk with God directly. As they grow more comfortable with prayer, they will discover that God is always close by their side and ready to listen. To reinforce prayer as a natural part of life, start teaching your kids as early as possible, and encourage them to pray throughout the day as often as possible.

Here you'll find a variety of kids' prayers you can teach your child to say in the morning, in the evening, to bless the food at mealtimes, and for protection anytime.

Children's Prayer to Say Every Day

Every Day Prayer

He wakes me up; He makes me sleep.
Provides for me the food I eat.
When I cry, I call on Him,
Because I know with Him I win.
Even through the hardest day,
I trust in Him in every way.
He's the One who sees me through,
Jesus lives, I know it's true.
With loving-kindness, He smiles on me.
Because He died, I am free.
Lord, for all, I thank you so,
I know you'll never let me go!

-- Esther Lawson

Kids' Prayers to Say in the Morning

You can start each day by modeling what a genuine life of prayer looks like for your children. Your kids will discover that God is personal and approachable anytime they call on him throughout the day.

Good Morning, Jesus

Jesus, you are good and wise
I will praise you when I rise.
Jesus, hear this prayer I send
Bless my family and my friends.
Jesus, help my eyes to see
All the good you send to me.
Jesus, help my ears to hear
Calls for help from far and near.
Jesus, help my feet to go
In the way that You will show.
Jesus, help my hands to do
All things loving, kind, and true.
Jesus, guard me through this day
In all I do and all I say.


-- Author Unknown

Lord, in the Morning

Lord, in the morning I start each day,
By taking a moment to bow and pray.
Beginning with thanks, I then give praise
For all your kind and loving ways.
Today if sunshine turns to rain,
If a dark cloud brings some pain,
I won't doubt or hide in fear
For you, my God, are always near.
I will travel where you lead;
I will help my friends in need.
Where you send me, I will go;
With your help, I'll learn and grow.
Hold my family in your hands,
As we follow your commands.
And I will keep you close in sight
Until I crawl in bed tonight.


--Mary Fairchild © 2020

Children's Prayer to Say at Bedtime

The author of this prayer wishes readers to know that he wrote it for his own son when the child was just 14 months old. He and his wife would say the prayer out loud before bed and it put the boy peacefully to sleep every night. The author's desire is to share the prayer with other Christian parents to enjoy with their children.

God My Friend

God, my friend, it is time for bed.
Time to rest my sleepy head.
I pray to you before I do.
Please guide me down the path that's true.

God, my friend, please bless my mother,
All your children--sisters, brothers.
Oh! And then there's daddy, too--
He says I am his gift from you.

God, my friend, it is time to sleep.
I thank you for a soul unique,
And thank you for another day,
To run and jump and laugh and play!

God, my friend, it is time to go,
But before I do I hope you know,
I am thankful for my blessing, too,
And God, my friend, I love you.

--Submitted by Michael J. Edger III MS

Prayer for Kids to Say at Mealtimes

Teaching kids to say grace at mealtimes is a great way to include prayer in their daily routines. Plus, the impact of praying before meals can reach much further than you’d expect. When this act becomes second nature to your children, it shows their gratitude and dependence on God to all who observe them.

Thank You, Jesus, For Them All

Round this table, here to pray
First, we thank you for the day
For our family and our friends
Gifts of grace that heaven lends
Living water, daily bread
Countless blessings our God sends
Thank you, Jesus, for them all
For the great ones and the small
When we're happy, when we're sad
On the good days and the bad
We are grateful, we are glad


--Mary Fairchild © 2020

Kids' Prayers for Protection

Teaching your children to say prayers of protection will help them understand that they can turn to God in times of need and discover how deeply he cares for them.

Hurry to Pray

(Adapted from Philippians 4:6-7)

I won't fret and I won't worry
Instead, I'll hurry to pray.
I'll turn my problems into petitions
And lift my hands in praise.
I'll say goodbye to all my fears,
His presence sets me free
Although I may not understand
I feel God's peace in me.

--Mary Fairchild © 2020

Child's Prayer for Protection

Angel of God, my Guardian dear,
To whom God's love commits me here;
Ever this day, be at my side
To light and guard
To rule and guide.

-- Traditional

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