A Christian Prayer to Ease the Pain of Breaking Up

Turn to God when Your Heart Breaks

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The break-up of a romantic relationship can be one of the most emotionally painful events you can experience. Christians believers will find that God can provide the best comfort as you get over your break-up.

Anyone who has been through the collapse of a romance (which means most of us) knows the devastation it can cause, even if you are the one choosing to end the relationship. Christians should understand that It's okay to cry and grieve for the loss of something special and that God is there for you when you're hurting. He wants to provide us with comfort and love during the hardest of times.

A Prayer for Heartbreak

As you get over your heartbreak, here is a simple prayer asking God to be your comfort during this difficult time:

Lord, thank you for being you and for your willingness to be here with me during this time. It's been difficult lately with this break-up. You know that. You've been here watching me and watching us together. I know in my heart that if it was meant to be, it would have happened, but that thought doesn't always mesh with how I feel. I'm angry. I'm sad. I'm disappointed.
You are the one I know I can turn to for comfort, Lord. Provide me with reassurance that this was the right thing for me in my life, as it is right now. Lord, show me that there are so many great things in my future, and offer me solace in the thought that you have plans for me and that one day I will find the person that fits with those plans. Assure me that you have my best intentions in mind, and while I don't know what all of those intentions are, this wasn't a part of them--that one day you'll reveal someone new that will make my heart sing. Allow me the time to get to that point of acceptance.
Lord, I just ask for your continued love and guidance during this difficult time, and I pray for the patience of others as I work through my feelings. Every time I think of the happy times, it hurts. When I think of the sad times, well, that hurts, too. Help those around me understand that I need this time to heal and work through that pain. Help me understand that this, too, shall pass for me--that one day the pain will become less--and remind me that you'll be there right with me the whole time. Though I may have difficulty letting go, I pray that you surround me with people that help me through and lift me up in prayer, in love and in support.
Thank you, Lord, for being more than just my God in this moment. Thank you for being my Father. My friend. My confidante, and my support.
In your Name, Amen.
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