Sikh Prayer, "Jamia Poot Bhagat Govind Ka"

"A Son is Born", Joyous Celebration of a Child's Conception and Birth

Glowing Expectant Mother
Glowing Expectant Mother Listening to Shabad. Photo © [S Khalsa]

 Guru Ajrun Dev ji's first wife Ram Devi tragically perished without producing an heir. At his mother Bibi Bhani's behest, the Guru married again and wed Mata Ganga. When she failed to conceive, Guru Arjun directed her to ask a blessing of the sage Baba Buddha.

Ganga dressed up in her finest richly embroidered apparel. She instructed her servants to carry trays laden with tempting sweets and sumptuous delicacies to the forest where the sage dwelt. Baba Buddha ji declined to partake the rich foods, and offered no blessing.

Ganga returned once more to the forest on September of 1594, the 21st day of the month of Assu 1651Bk. She clothed herself in plain cotton garments. She brought with her the simple fare of misi roti, a kind of wholegrain flatbread flavored with onions and chilis, that she had prepared by her own hand. She knelt before the aged devotee and humbly begged his blessing. Baba Buddha accepted her offering. He proclaimed that she should conceive and bear a son who would break the enemies of his household just as he broke the onion from the roti.

Arjun Dev the fifth guru composed this prayer of joyous celebration, to announce the arrival of his son Har Govind who ultimately succeeded him as the sixth guru.

Sikh Prayer of Celebration For a Child's Conception and Birth

This hymn may be sung as a prayer, or blessing in honor of a child's conception and birth. It may be recited at any time, or be performed as part of a kirtan program:

  • When couples are hoping for conception.
  • When parents are expecting.
  • When celebrating the occasion of a birth.
  • When celebrating a child's birthday.

The Gurmukhi words are spelled out phonetically here and may differ somewhat from accepted short form spellings as used in the title.

Assaa Mehlaa 5||
Raag Assa 5th Guru's House

"Satigur saachai deeaa bhaej ||
The True Enlightener truly has gifted the child.
Chir jeevan oupajiaa sanjog ||
A Long life has been born according to destiny.
Oudharai maahi aae keeaa nivaas ||
He came and acquireed an abode in the womb.
Maataa kai man bahuth bigaas ||1||
The mother's heart is so very glad. ||1||

Janmiaa poot bhagat govind kaa ||
A son is born to the devotee of the Universal Lord.
Pragattiaa sabh meh likhiaa dhur kaa ||rehaao||
This primal writ of manifest destiny has been revealed to all. ||Pause||

Dasee maasee hukam baalak janam leeaa ||
In the tenth month, as commanded by Divine order, the baby has been born.

Mittiaa sog mehaa anand theeaa ||
Sorrow has departed, and great joyful bliss has ensued.
Gurbaanee sakhee anand gaavai ||
The Guru's hymns by spiritual companions are gleefully sung.

Saachae saahib kai man bhaavai ||2||
The True Lord's heart is pleased. ||2||

Vadhhee vael bahu peerree chaalee ||
The vine has grown its creepers that shall last for many generations.

Dharam kalaa har bandh behaalee ||
The workings of the machine are set in motion, the Lord powerfully establishes loving devotion.

Man chindiaa satiguroo diva-i-aa ||
That which my mind wishes, the True Enlightener grants.

Bha-e achint ek liv laa-i-aa ||3||
I have become carefree, on the One Lord, I focus my attention. ||3||

Jio baalak pitaa oopar karae bahu maan ||
As the child whom for his father has a great regard

Bulaa-i-aa bolai gur kai bhaan ||
So do I speak as the Enlightener desires me to speak.

Gujhee chhanee naahee baat ||
The narrative is not concealed.

Gur naanak tuthaa keenee daat ||4||7||101||
Guru Nanak, being greatly pleased, has given this gift." ||4||7||101|| SGGS||396

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