A Prayer for Your Sister

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Sisters are pretty special people. Whether they’re older or younger, they are the closest friends we will ever have, and they know us better than most other people. They share your experiences, your youth.  They’re by your side, sometimes whether you want them there or not. 

So, that’s why it’s so important that you keep your sister, or sisters, in your prayers. We can offer each other a helping hand, we can be the shoulder to cry on, but there is no greater blessing than asking God to work in your sister’s life.

Here is a simple prayer for your sister to get you started.

Sample Prayer For My Sister

Lord, thank you so much for what you’ve given me. I feel blessed for the life that I have and the people you’ve placed in it.  I know that you are always looking out for me, supporting me, and guiding me in the way you want me to live.  But today, Lord, I am not coming to you for myself.  Today I come to you for my sister.  She is one of the most important people you’ve placed in my life, and today I lift her up to you for blessings.

Lord, you have given me a sister who is my biggest support.  I ask, Lord, that you protect her heart from those who would come against her. I ask that you bless her to be kind and intelligent.  I ask that you give her strength to stand against those that would try to hurt her by leading her down darker paths.  Lord, I ask that you give her a bigger heart for you, making her more sensitive to your voice and discerning in her decisions.

I also ask, Lord, that you bless the two of us together.  I ask that you allow us to get along more often.  I ask that you build up our relationship and help us avoid the arguments that tear so many siblings apart.  Lord, I ask that you give me kinder words to say to her.  I ask that you give me more patience to deal with her, and give her more patience with me.  Lord, I ask that you allow us to work through our differences in ways that draw us closer together.  

And Lord, I ask that you grow her into a woman of God.  I ask that you guide her footsteps toward a bright future full of love and hope.  I ask that you give her friends that support her and protect her.  I ask that you give her a career and a family that will be as satisfying to her as it is to you.

Lord, there are few people in my life as precious to me as my sister, and I want all the best for her.  No matter how many times we may argue or annoy one another, there is no other person I want close to me.  She is my sister, and I love her.  So I offer her up to you for your blessings.  I offer her up to you so that you place your hand on her life.  I just ask for blessings for her.

Thank you, Lord.  I know I can do nothing without you, and I am grateful every day for that.  You continue to place people and situations on my heart, and I will continue to ask your blessings for them.  Thank you for all you do for me, even those things I cannot see.  In your holy ​name I pray, Amen.

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