A Prayer for the Graduate

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One of the best gifts you can give at graduation is a simple prayer for the graduate. Asking God to bestow his blessings on someone heading into a new era in his or her life shouldn't be a side note, but a necessity. After all, graduates are heading into an uncertain time of life where everything is changing. Some are headed off to college while some are heading into the working world, and even some are going into ministries far from home. They need God's blessing as the adult world that they only dreamt about becomes a reality. Not sure what to say in your prayer? Here is a simple prayer you can say for the graduate:

God, I ask for your blessings on (name). He/She is graduating today, and I know that this time can be fairly rough for the graduate. There is the unknown future in front of him/her. There is so much to do to prepare for college or work. There is growing up to do, independence to assert, and more. You know that You can often get lost in the shuffle, and I ask that your presence always be felt and appreciated. May they always know you are there beside them, carrying them, and helping them navigate their world.
I ask that you protect this graduate as he/she heads into the future. You have done so much for him/her so far. Getting this far has not always been easy, but I ask that you continue to offer strength, courage, and discernment as he/she goes into a world that is not always black and white. May he/she find love and friendship, make lifelong friends, and find your plan for him/her in the experiences you provide. Let them be a light unto others and be the example of your Word to those who might be living in the darkness.
I don't know what you have planned, and I ask that you reveal your purpose in time. I hope that he/she will look to you when life is tough and that he/she edifies you even when times are good. I pray for your guidance as they face an adult world and an adult life. I know only you can know their mind, and I hope that they honor you in thoughts and actions.
Graduation is such a rite of passage, Lord. Thank you for getting them this far, and know that I am truly grateful for bringing him/her into my life. I pray not just for their future, but for what they have in just this simple moment. I pray that they understand just what an accomplishment it is to have made it through four years of high school. I hope that they see what a big deal this is and that they can, just for one moment, enjoy the present.
Your blessings are needed now more than ever. Lord, I ask for all you can do to protect and provide for this wonderful person as he/she moves forward and continues to grow up. I ask that you see them through their future, guide their choices, and support them as they become adults. I ask that you bless them in all ways. Give them a heart full of love, a head full of hope, and wisdom to guide them.
Thank you, Lord. In your name,
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