A Prayer for Patience

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Patience can be one of the fruits of the spirit to develop, so saying a prayer for patience can give us a few moments to think before we act. Saying a prayer for the fruit of patience can help us get perspective when things are tough or we want something so badly that we make a poor decision that takes us away from God. We tend to want things right now. We don't want to wait, and we were not really taught to wait. However, God asks us at times to take step back and wait for Him in His time. He also asks us to show others a little bit of patience and kindness…no matter how annoying they may be. Here is a simple prayer to get you started.

Asking God for Patience

Lord, today I'm really struggling. There are so many things I want. So many plans you have for me that I'm so unsure about. I ask, God, that you give me the patience you desire me to have. I cannot be strong enough on my own. I ask that you provide me with support and strength to wait for the things you have planned. I know, Lord, that you do have plans for me and that things work in your time, not mine. I know that whatever you have planned for me is going to be something amazing.

But God, I'm just struggling right now with that patience. I see my friends getting the things that they desire. I see others moving forward in their lives, and I see myself staying right here. I just keep waiting, God. It never seems to move forward. Please let me see my purpose in this moment. Please give me the ability to stay in this moment and appreciate the joy in it. Don't allow me to forget that you ask us to live not just for the future, but for the moment that we're in.

And Lord, please help me never to forget to be grateful for what you have provided. It's easy for me to see all the things I don't have. The things that aren't coming right now. But Lord, I also ask that you remind me that there are so many things here and now that I should be thankful for in my life. I sometimes forget that gratitude toward my friends, my family, my teachers. It's easy to whine, but harder at times to look at your glory around me.

Also, God, I ask for patience with the people around me. I know I sometimes don't understand what my parents are thinking. I get that they love me, but I so often lose my patience with them. I don't understand what some people are thinking when they steal, cut in line, hurt others. I know you ask me to be patient with them and forgive them as you forgive us. It's in my head, so Lord, I ask that you instill it in my heart, too. I need more patient with those that annoy me. I need more patience with those that wrong me. Please fill my heart with it.

Lord, I wish I could say that I'm perfect all the time when it comes to patience, but I wouldn't be praying for it if I was. I ask also for your forgiveness when I slip up and lose my patience with those around me...and you, too. I can sometimes be human and do the wrong thing, but Lord I never mean to hurt you or anyone else. I ask for your grace in those moments.

Thank you, Lord, for all You are, for all You do. In your name, Amen.

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