A Prayer for Graduation for Christian Teenagers

Graduating From School is a Huge Life Milestone

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Graduation is a huge life event. It is the end of one part of your life, and the beginning of a new course for you. It is normal to feel sad, scared, nervous, depressed and excited, all at once. It's an event that triggers complex emotions and feelings and it can be difficult for teens to manage.

Like any traumatic or major event, prayer can help you through the experience. It's the start of a new era, and saying a graduation prayer can help you overcome the nervousness and anxiety you may feel as you enter something unknown. God will be there with you as you enter this new time in your life if you ask.

A Simple Graduation Prayer

Here is a simple prayer you can say:

God, thank you for all you do for me. You have stood beside me, carrying me all these years, and I pray that you continue to be with me as I head into this new time in my life. I know there is a ton of activity with graduation, the parties, and more, but please never let me be distracted from what has really gotten me through high school - you.

I pray that I continue to feel your presence and have your strength with me as I head off into my future ventures. I ask for your guidance and discernment as I face complicated decisions and grow into the Christian you desire me to be.

I also ask that you bestow your blessings and love over my friends and family as we go through a time of transition. I ask that you keep us safe. I ask that you make sure we feel loved and protected. Lord, I ask for the words to say that let them know they are cared for and that I appreciate them.

And Lord, I thank you for being here with me in this time. I do not know what the future brings, but you do. I pray for the confidence to go after your plans for me with all my heart. I thank you for giving me the opportunities to fulfill those plans.

Thank you, Lord. In Your Name,


It is normal to feel confused, sad and happy during graduation. It's one of the biggest events you'll face in your young life, so it's common to feel overwhelmed and unable to cope. If you're struggling or need some help throughout the day, use this prayer to give you strength and courage. You'll find that it will help sooth your nerves and give you the reassurance you need to get through it. 

Congratulations on your achievement. As you pray, remember to celebrate what you have done and how God has helped you to this point. Reflect on the amazing things that lie ahead and think about what you want to accomplish next.

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