Popular Songs About Miracles

Miracle Songs to Inspire You

There's nothing like miracles to inspire people to break into song with uplifting messages. Many songs about miracles have been composed and performed so far in history, and many more will likely continue to be because music is a natural way for people to express the sense of wonder that miracles inspire. Music constantly plays in heaven, as all living beings there (from people and angels to animals) express their praise to God, their Creator. Whenever people on Earth want to celebrate God and his miracles, they can do so by singing, too. Here are five songs about miracles are popular with listeners.

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"What a Wonderful World" Sung by Louis Armstrong:

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This classic song describes life’s miraculous moments so simply and sweetly that it has the power to move any listener to tears: "I see trees of green/Red roses, too/I see them bloom/For me and you/And I think to myself/What a wonderful world."

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"When You Believe" Sung by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey:

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This tune from the soundtrack of the movie Prince of Egypt expresses the faith that miracles can happen even in the most challenging circumstances: "There can be miracles/When you believe/Though hope is frail/It’s hard to kill/Who knows what miracles/You can achieve/When you believe/Somehow you will/You will when you believe."

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"Miracles" Sung by Jefferson Starship:

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This love song does more than just entertain; it expresses a heartfelt plea to believe in miracles: "If only you’d believe like I believe, baby/We’d get by/If only you believe in miracles, baby/So would I."

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"Ordinary Miracle" Sung by Sarah McLachlan:

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This tune describes miracles as gifts that life constantly offers people to open: "It’s not that unusual/When everything is beautiful/It’s just another ordinary miracle today."

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"Miracles Happen" Sung by Myra:

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This song from the soundtrack of the movie The Princess Diaries urges listeners to dare to have faith that miracles do sometimes occur: "Miracles happen/Miracles happen/You showed me faith is not blind/I don’t need wings to help me fly/Miracles happen/Miracles happen."

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"Miracles" Sung by Coldplay:

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This tune from the soundtrack of the movie Unbroken portrays the dramatic effect that miracles can have on people's lives: "Oh, now I'm floating so high/I blossom and die/Send your storm and your lightning to strike/Me between the eyes/And cry/Believe in miracles."

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Now that you've read about these songs, why not listen to them and enjoy the sense of hope that they so memorably express?