Read Short 'Popcorn' Testimonies of Transformed Lives

Short Testimonies of Transformed Lives

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Popcorn testimonies are quick, spontaneous accounts of God's intervention in a person's life. These short testimonies were submitted by visitors to this site. Their true stories are a part of our collection of featured testimonies. Each one reveals a life transformed by Christian faith. If your relationship with God has made a significant difference in your life, we would like to hear about it. Submit your testimony by filling out this Submission Form. To receive weekly messages of hope and encouragement from real-life stories of changed lives, sign up for eTestimonies.

Michelle's Story - I No Longer Want to Die

During the end of 2006 and the early part of 2007, I was suffering from a terrible depression that led me to start thinking about suicide. Around that time I was talking to some people on a few forums about my problems. One of those people helped me learn a little bit about Jesus. I also found out about prayer on the internet, which led me to read about Jesus. Eventually, I began to realize that even the person who had helped me learn some about Jesus, couldn't help me. It seemed like the only one who could help me was the Lord himself.

I felt like I couldn't trust people, so I turned to the Lord.

Now I'm doing a lot better and I'm no longer suicidal. I trust people more and the Lord has changed me so much! Thanks to Jesus, I no longer want to die! If it wasn't for him I do not think I would have made it. That's not all he's done though; He has saved me so I could have everlasting life!

John 3:16-17
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. (KJV)

Ty & Dana's Story - We Owe Everything to the Lord

Dana: I went to church for 17 years with my parents. After they split up, I went on a path to hell. Then, God gave me two beautiful kids to guide me to the right path. After years of off and on Christian living, and a lot of backsliding, I met a really nice man.

We started dating. We went to church together and were living good, except we were living in sin. Then we decided to make a vow of celibacy to the Lord until we got married, and we did so. After we were married, my new husband got a great job and we were able to move out of our broken down trailer into a nice home that we are now purchasing.

We didn't have a car—now we do. We never had any money to do anything. We could barely pay bills—now we get by nicely and can also give. No one will ever convince me that there isn't a God and that he isn't a loving, forgiving God.

We owe everything we have to the Lord.

Doug's Story - Suicide Is Not the Way Out!

As a teenager, I was very depressed. I wanted to die. I experienced suicidal ideation. I ended up in the hospital for 10 days and was diagnosed with manic depression or bipolar disorder.

Fortunately for me, someone reached out to me in my desperate time and told me about the love of God as expressed through Jesus Christ's death and resurrection.

I was on lithium for awhile and was in counseling for a number of years, on antidepressants. That was 30 years ago. Today I consider myself a healed helper, made well through the process of healing and renewing of my mind over many years.

Sara's Testimony - How I Got My Hope Back

For eleven years I was harassed on a daily basis. I feared to go to school. It left marks on me — mostly on my soul — but one on my arm stands out as a sign of what can happen when you go too far. I burned a cross into my arm hoping it would help ease my pain.

My life wasn't always that bad. My father would come down every summer to spend a week with us. That stopped in grade six and I never saw him again. The last time he called I yelled at him and said I never wanted to speak to him again. Man, I was stupid. My life got worse after that. I would pray to God every night to let me die. I even planned my death many times.

I took overdoses of my medicine. I even ran out into the street once. But something happened to me that gave me my hope back — God. Through him, I found hope in my life once more.

It started on a bad day. I don't really remember what went on that day. I do know that I had taken a knife with me to school to use in self-defense. I planned to hurt the girl that had bullied me all my life. But I never brought the knife out. Later on that night, I lay in bed awake with my eyes closed. Before long I found myself in a field and a man walked up to me. He said, "Sara, what you're planning to do — don’t. God loves you and is always there for you." When I woke up I found myself sitting up, huddled in a corner.

Now I tell others about my battle and how God restored my hope. I have even made plans to become a teacher.

Cordie's Testimony - Through the Fire Undamaged

When I was a member of the James Island Fire Department, we were called out to a house fire. After we arrived it was noted that the fire was located in the den and consumed most of the entire den before we could get it extinguished.

After putting the fire out we performed a clean up of all burned materials. This is known in fireman's lingo as salvage or overhaul. As I looked around the room, I noticed that the den had a player piano. It had gotten so intensely hot in the den that the keys on the piano were melted into one big lump. Some fires reach a thousand degrees or more.

As I was cleaning up the room I noticed a large book. I picked it up and discovered it was a family Bible. As I dusted it off it appeared to be in good shape. I took the Bible out to the lady of the house and gave her my regrets. This was the only thing to survive. As we looked at the book we noticed that the pages were not even tarnished. The Word of God had gone through the heat undamaged. This experience is one I will never forget.

Judy's Testimony - I've Never Been Happier

I am a mother of three and a grandmother to six. I went to church as a child but of course, when I got old enough to make my own decisions, I quit going. I started smoking cigarettes at sixteen, and also at that age, I had my first drink of alcohol.

At first drinking was just an occasional thing, but as the years wore on, I drank more and more. We moved into a trailer park and one of my neighbors invited me to her church. I went off and on for about a year. I would go to church and come home and drink beer.

The day I gave my life to Christ was March 21, 2004. I wish I could say I never drank again, but I did. The last time I had a drink was June 6, 2004. Since then the Lord has taken away from me the taste for alcohol. I've never been happier. Now I believe the Lord is taking away my nicotine addiction. It has been three days. I want everyone to pray for me because I know God answers prayer.

Tara's Testimony - Clean for Six Years

I am twenty-nine years old, and life is good. It hasn't always been that way though. At age sixteen I was an avid drug user and drinker. I didn't know anything about the Lord, although my mother had me on the church bus every Sunday, to get me out of her hair for a couple of hours. It wasn't until I was about twenty, when I was walking home from one of the bars I frequented, that a bus full of Christians asked if I needed a ride home. I agreed, and they led me to the Lord.

For years after that, I didn't go to church, or build any relationship with God. I still did drugs and drank. One day, I felt I had hit rock bottom and needed help. I cried out to the Lord, and he was there for me. Eventually, he freed me from all drugs. I have been clean for six years, praise God. I know I couldn't have quit on my own, but the Lord took it all away from me.

Now I have three beautiful children that know the Lord, and a husband that is learning. I still have a struggle with alcohol, but the Lord is doing a work in me. He has saved me so many times from the grip of hell, I know he will do it again. There is so much that the Lord has done for me, but it would take forever to write it all down. So, thank you for this opportunity to tell you what I was, and what God has made me now.

Tracey's Testimony - I Am Healed Completely

In July of 2003, I went in for a mammogram. The doctor did all the relevant tests and told me to go home. He said the lump that I had in my breast was benign. Two months later, praise God, he put me in so much pain in my breast that I insisted on having a second mammogram. I found out the next day after a biopsy was performed, that in fact I had a very high grade of infiltrating carcinoma. The surgeon that the doctor had referred me to, wanted a substantial amount of money up front before he would operate - money I didn't have.

That night I told my husband's boss about my situation. He was an angel of God who changed everything. He referred me to an Oncologist where I had chemotherapy. The treatment worked together with the Holy Spirit, and after only four treatments the lump disappeared. I had a lumpectomy done, after which I had more chemotherapy and then twenty-six bouts of radiation.

After treatment my prognosis was so amazing I didn't need to take any tablets. Although the treatment was very aggressive, not once was I sick except for hair loss. I am healed completely. I have had four tests, and still no trace of cancer. I am not in remission, I am healed by the blood of Jesus Christ, and I am eternally grateful to the Father God. Jesus is and will always be Lord of my life.

Brendan's Testimony - God Really Is Real

I am giving this testimony because I am totally astounded at what God has done in my life! I was so fed up with life, but it just didn't occur to me that God could be real - or if he was, why he would want anything to do with someone like me.

About this time last year, I was stuck on a seemingly endless treadmill of working, getting stoned, and sleeping. This had been going on for years. I was aware that drugs had taken over my life. I had grown dissatisfied. I no longer enjoyed life as I once had. The crunch came when I lost yet another job because of my skunk-induced laziness. This time I was really angry at myself! I couldn't understand why my life was like this and other people's lives were not.

In a rare moment of self-admitted weakness, I broke, and asked God, "Oh, show me if you're real!" Unbelievably, I found an Alpha course leaflet posted through the letterbox by a complete stranger. I phoned the number and haven't looked back since. Through the Alpha course, I found out that God really is real, Jesus really is real, and the Holy Spirit is alive and well and living everywhere! Oh, and did I mention that prayer actually works, if done properly!

Julia's Testimony - A New Life

I woke up one day with a lot of anxiety and depression. What I didn't know was that this depression and anxiety was going to lead me to a new life! A new life in Christ.

I felt a sense of disillusionment and confusion and started taking depression pills to overcome it. God must have wanted me to get rid of those pills for a reason, so he spoke through my family doctor. One day I visited my doctor to let him know that my husband and I were trying for our third baby. My doctor said to me, "If you want another healthy baby, I suggest that you get off those pills!" And thanks be to God, I did.

I really didn't think that the pain and suffering would ever end, but slowly it began diminishing. Thanks be to God! Now I'm going into my second week without being dependent on them, and I feel great. The thing that I have learned is that the only One True Person you can depend on is God and His grace from above. Only with God are all things possible! I look back and thank God for all the pain I went through. Because of that pain and suffering, I am becoming a new person!

I love you, Jesus, and I'm glad I made you a part of my life finally!

Andrew's Testimony - Finding Love

My life has been changed significantly because of my Christian faith. It is a transformation! One of God's changes in my life: My biggest prayer was about falling in love. Then God brought the woman I had been dreaming of into my life, and I am very much in love. Now He is teaching us how to love so that our relationship will prosper. My heart is at ease.

  • Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
    In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

I was never able to find love with my own understanding. So I acknowledged Him and cried out to Him, and He answered me. Praise the Lord!

Dawn's Testimony - God Kept Me

I was raised in church all my young life, mostly by choice. My step-father was sexually abusive and my mother was never home. I remember going to church as young as six years old, just to get away from home, if only for a little while. God was intervening for me. I could have been out getting into trouble or worse -- but God kept me.

As a young adult, at 15 years of age, I began doing drugs, alcohol and became pregnant. Three kids and five marriages later, after being beaten and raped, in and out of rehab centers, and three serious car wrecks that should have claimed my life -- God kept me.

I am so grateful to God and Jesus, my Lord, for saving me and giving me another chance at a good life with my kids. As of now, I have been involved in church almost two years. My children are thriving in God's house and in His Word. I've noticed my children tend to think of others first. They talk to their friends about what God can do for them. I am so fortunate to have such wonderful children, especially after all they have been through.

We are very active in our youth group. I am involved with the Jail Ministry, Women's Ministry, Nursing Home Ministry and the Food Bank. We try to be active in everything that concerns spreading God's Word.

My only regret is that I wasted so much time on the Devil. Yet, my life is proof that no matter what you have done, who you are, or where you've been, God will forgive you and provide for you. God kept me.

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