Point of Grace - Biography

Point of Grace performs at the H.P. Pavilion on December 19, 1999 in San Jose California

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It all started in Norman, Oklahoma when Denise (Masters) Jones, Heather Floyd, and Terry Lang started singing together as the Oauchitones in 1991 at a Baptist University in Arkansas.

Point of Grace Members

  • Shelley Breen
  • Denise Jones
  • Leigh Cappillino
  • Heather Payne left the group in July 2008 to spend more time with her family.
  • Terry Jones left the group in 2004 to spend more time with her husband and three children.

Point of Grace Biography

After Shelley Phillips joined the group, they changed their name to Say So and then the real journey began. During a visit to The Christian Artists Seminar in the Rockies, the ladies met John Mays from Word Records, who later signed them. Fast forward 17 years and 14 albums and you've got a group who has sold over five million albums, won 9 Dove Awards, gotten two Grammy nods, written 8 books, and garnered two platinum and five gold records as well as 27 consecutive No. 1's.

In 2007, the ladies shifted gears on their style, moving flawlessly into the country gospel arena. How You Live was their first full album of country-styled music, and it was well received by fans and critics alike. The lead single, "How You Live (Turn Up The Music)," was a hit across multiple formats. 

They've seen some personnel changes in those years. In 2004 after giving birth to her third child, Terry Jones left the group to spend more time with her family. The group's guitar player/band leader, Dana Cappillino, saw his wife Leigh join the group in Terry's spot. In 2008 Heather Payne left the group to spend more time with her own family.

Through it all, the ladies of Point of Grace have felt a pull toward helping teenage girls. In 2002, that pull officially became known as the Girls of Grace project. A devotional book, a workbook, a journal, and an album came out first, followed by yearly Girls of Grace conferences.

The ladies also support Mercy Ministries of America and Compassion International.

Point of Grace Starter Songs

  • "Fairest Lord Jesus" 
  • "How You Live [Turn Up The Music]" (Acoustic)
  • "Better Days"
  • "Before The Throne Of Grace"
  • "Fight"
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