5 Original Poems About Faith

Build your confidence in God with these inspiring poems about faith

Poems About Faith
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At times the Christian life can be a difficult journey. Our trust in God may waver, but his faithfulness never falters. These original Christian poems about faith are meant to inspire you with hope and trust in the Lord. Allow these words of truth to rebuild your faith as you put your confidence in the God of the impossible.

Christian Poems About Faith

"No Mistakes" is an original Christian poem about walking in faith by Lenora McWhorter. It urges believers to hang on to hope through every struggle and trial.

No Mistakes

When my hopes fade
And my dreams die.
And I find no answer
By asking why.
I just keep on trusting
And hang on to my faith.
Because God is just
He never makes mistakes.
Should the storms come
And trials I must face.
When I find no solution
I rest in God's grace.
When life seems unfair
And more than I can take.
I look up to the Father
He never makes mistakes.
God sees our struggles
And every bend in the road.
But no mistake is ever made
Cause He weighs every load.
--Lenora McWhorter

"Life's Daily Doses" reminds us to take one day at a time. God's grace will meet us and God's mercy will renew us each new day.

Life's Daily Doses

Life is measured in daily doses
Of trials and pleasures each.
Day by day grace is dispensed
To meet our immediate needs.
Comfort comes to the weary
We find that which we seek.
A bridge is built at the river
And power is given to the weak.
One day's load we have to bear
As we travel on life's way.
Wisdom is given for the occasion
And strength to equal each day.
We are never required to stagger
Under tomorrow's heavy load.
We journey one day at a time
As we travel life's rugged road.
God's mercy is new every morning
And His faithfulness is sure.
God perfects all that concerns us
And by our faith, we will endure.
--Lenora McWhorter

"Broken Pieces" is a poem about restoration. God specializes in healing fragmented lives and using them for a glorious purpose.

Broken Pieces

If you are broken by life trials
and weary from life's defeats.
If you have been badly battered
and have no joy or peace.
Give God your broken pieces
so He will mold them back in place.
He can make them better than before
with a touch of His sweet grace.
If your dreams have been shattered
after much struggle and pain.
Even if your life seems hopeless
God can restore you again.
God can take broken pieces
and He can make them whole.
It matters not how badly broken
God has the power to restore.
So we are never without hope
no matter the shape we are in.
God can take our fragmented lives
and put them together again.
So if you're broken beyond measure
and you don't know what to do.
God specializes in broken things
so His glory can shine through.
--Lenora McWhorter

"Stand In Faith" is an original Christian poem by Evangelist Johnnye V. Chandler. It encourages Christians to trust in the Lord and stand in faith knowing God will do what he promised in his Word.

Stand In Faith

Stand in faith
Even when you can’t see your way
Stand in faith
Even when you feel like you can’t face another day
Stand in faith
Even when the tears want to flow from your eyes
Stand in faith
Knowing that our God will always provide
Stand in faith
Even when you feel that all hope is gone
Stand in faith
Knowing that He is always there for you to lean on
Stand in faith
Even when you feel like giving up
Stand in faith
Because He is there ... saying, "Just look up"
Stand in faith
Even in those times you feel so all alone
Stand in faith
Hold on and be strong, for He is still on the throne
Stand in faith
Even when it’s hard to believe
Stand in faith
Knowing that He can change your situation, suddenly
Stand in faith
Even in those times you feel it’s hard to pray
Stand in faith
And believe that He has already made the way
Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen
So stand in faith
Because you already have the victory!
--Evangelist Johnnye V. Chandler

"We Have the Victory" is an original Christian poem by Mike Shugart It is a celebratory reminder that Jesus Christ has won the victory over sin and death.

We Have the Victory

God's heavenly chorus
Proclaims before us
That Jesus Christ is Lord!
Forever is He.
Before history,
All things were made by His Word.
From lowest of depths
To highest of heights,
And breadth of land and sea,
The songs are sung
Of the battle He won.
We have the Victory!
--Mike Shugart
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