Threshold Blessing

How to Bless the Entrance to Your Home

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Bless the threshold of your home to make your doorway a safe entrance. Richard Cummins / Getty Images

If you’ve moved into a new home, it’s not a bad idea to do a magical or spiritual cleansing of the place before you get truly settled in. In addition to ritually purifying the interior of the home, many people like to do a threshold blessing, which creates a symbolic doorway to the home. You can use this blessing ritual to keep negative energy out, while allowing for positive energy to enter.

In some traditions of folk magic, a threshold is blessed with a very simple method of placing a piece or iron underneath the doorstep. Some Scottish traditions call for a knife blade or a horseshoe to be buried at the lintel posts; iron is traditionally known as a material used for protection. In other areas, a doorway may be cleansed with consecrated water or smudging.

There are several ways of performing the ritual blessing of the threshold, so we’ll look at a couple of options here. Use the one that resonates best with you, and that works within the requirements of your magical tradition.

Blessing By Iron

Use a knife, horseshoe, or other piece of iron. Bury it beneath your front step or porch during a full moon. Ask the deities of your pantheon to watch over the residents of your home. Ask for their blessings so that your home will remain safe and happy, or if you do not follow a particular deity, you can alternately ask the universe for general blessings. If you can’t get under the front step (for instance, if there’s concrete all around, or if you live in an apartment) you may wish to use another method.

Blessing by Asperging

Asperging is the process of using consecrated water or other liquids to purify a space. Sprinkle consecrated water, wine, or even milk over the threshold. As you do this, you can either call upon the deities of your tradition, or upon the universe, asking for general blessings for those who live in the home.

Blessing by Athame

Blessing by athame tends to be a little more direct and martial. To bless the threshold with your athame, stand in the doorway facing outward. You may wish to use your athame to invoke the elements as guardians, or you can call upon the gods of your tradition.

Remember, you can adjust these basic ideas to work in the manner that is best for your own tradition; there is really no set “right way” to bless the threshold of your home, there's simply the way that works best for you personally.

Keeping the Area Cleansed

Have you ever approached a house and felt instantly comforted as you walked to the front door? Perhaps you’ve noticed a few small knickknacks tucked into the garden nearby, or a potted plant that seems friendly and welcoming. The physical surroundings of the threshold are equally as important as the spiritual ones. Some ideas for keeping the threshold welcoming and comfortable:

  • Make sure your front door is swept clean of dust, leaves, cobwebs, and so forth. Put out a Welcome mat, so the entrance looks inviting.
  • Add flowers for a splash of color. Select plants based upon what they mean to you; there are many different properties associated with various flowers. Be sure to read about magical flowers and their meanings.
  • Consider some hanging baskets and fill them with ferns or other plants that hang down to fill the space and make it cozy.
  • Add a windchime or hanging bells. These are available in a variety of tones, so select one that rings in the pitch you like best. In many countries windchimes, bells and other noisemakers are hung at doorways to repel negative entities.
  • Place items around the area that can act as talismans such quartz crystals, hidden coins, rocks painted with symbols, or statuary. In Feng Shui, it’s good luck to have a dragon statue greeting guests who approach your threshold.

Other Household Blessings

The late author Scott Cunningham's book The Magical Household is an invaluable bit of reference material for anyone who wants to keep their home as a sacred and magical place. Cunning recommends the following as a doorway blessing:

  • Over the door, hang a fresh sprig of dill, tied with a blue or red cord, to keep anyone who means you harm from entering.
  • To prevent evil from coming into your home, cross two needles, and stick them into a corner of your doormat. If you don't have a doormat, it's ok to stick them into the door jam instead, but make sure you get them in place securely so they don't fall out.
  • If you have some Dragon's Blood, grind it up into a powder, and sprinkle it on doorsteps and window sills as a protective measure. 
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