Are Pagans & Wiccans into Kinky Group Sex?

Just because someone is open about sex doesn't mean they're interested in hooking up with you. Image © Getty Images

Question: Do Wiccans and Pagans Have Orgies?

Someone told me that Wiccans and other Pagans are into some pretty kinky stuff. If I become part of a Pagan group, does that mean I'll be participating in group sex or sex with total strangers as part of some weird kinky initiation ritual?


The short answer to that question is No. Not that Pagans don't enjoy sex - on the contrary, we have a pretty open and liberal attitude towards it - but there's a difference between ritualized sexuality and recreational sex.

Most Pagans view sex of any kind as a natural and pleasurable part of life. After all, Wicca does include a lot of fertility symbolism. Paganism also tends to be very tolerant of non-traditional lifestyles, so it's not uncommon to meet Pagans who may be part of same-sex relationships or polyamorous families. We don't really care who you're sleeping with, or how you're doing it, or how many of you participate, as long as everyone involved is a consenting adult.

Some covens do practice skyclad, which is not sexual in nature. No reputable Wiccan or Pagan group requires coerced sexual activity as part of initiation. No Pagan or Wiccan condones non-consensual sex, sex with minors, or any sexual act that involves coercion. In the case of ritual sex, such as the Great Rite, ceremonies are typically performed by adults who are already in a relationship, and usually done in private.

Do keep in mind that just because Pagans are, for the most part, pretty open about sex, doesn't necessarily mean that they all want to sleep with you personally. You might want to read about Pagan Sexual Etiquette for info on hooking up at Pagan events.

If you're interested in strictly recreational sex, you certainly can go have it, but it's got nothing to do with religious beliefs. And if you happen to be getting involved in Paganism because you think it's a good way to meet potential sexual partners, you may want to rethink your purpose just a bit.