Pagan Parenting

Are you raising kids in a Pagan tradition? If you are, you've probably already figured out that Pagan parents face a unique set of challenges and issues. Let's look at some ways to keep your kids involved in Pagan practice, the importance of their legal rights at school, family-friendly rituals and activities, and other tips that will help you raise happy and well-adjusted Pagan kids. 

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Pagan Rituals for Families with Children

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There are plenty of ways to celebrate spirituality with kids. Image by Echo/Cultura/Getty Images

Looking for rituals and ceremonies that work well for your young Pagans in training? Here's a collection of some of our most popular kid- and family-themed rituals and celebrations.

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Keeping Kids Included in Pagan Practice

It's not hard to include kids in your spiritual practice. Image by Photo and Co/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Our Pagan community has grown to encompass people of all age levels. As a parent, you can always find some way to incorporate Pagan values and beliefs into your kids' lives.

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Bedtime Prayers for Pagan Kids

Help your little one say goodnight with a simple bedtime prayer. Images by CLM Images/Moment/Getty Images

Prayers are a way for us to give thanks to the gods of our pantheons, to thank the universe for getting us through another day, to count our blessings, and any other multitude of purposes. In many religions - not just Pagan faiths - parents encourage their children to say a prayer at bedtime.

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10 Activities for Pagan Kids

Help your kids make their own magic wands. Image by Image Source/Getty Images

For many Pagans, it's hard to find kid-friendly activities that celebrate our spiritual path. Try some of these simple activities as a way of celebrating your family and your beliefs all at once.

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Set Up a Children's Altar

Let your child put whatever he wants on his altar. Image by KidStock/Blend Images/Getty Images

Kids learn by watching, so it should come as no surprise when he or she wants a sacred space of their own. Here are some tips on working with your child to set up their very own altar.

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Tips for Pagan Students and Their Parents

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Can Pagan students be treated differently at school? What do you do if your child is bullied at school for his or her beliefs? What if you're a college student, living on campus for the first time? Let's look at these issues and more, and how they can affect Pagan students and parents.

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Your Rights as a Pagan Parent

Sooner or later, your child may notice your family is different. Image by wshadden/rooM/Getty Images

When it comes to raising our kids, it's sometimes hard to know what rights we have as Pagan or Wiccan parents. In the United States, we have the same rights as parents of any other religion. Learn how you can avoid discrimination in schools, simply by opening up the lines of communication.

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What Are Indigo Children?

Image by Imgorthand/E+/Getty Images

Has someone told you your child is an Indigo Child? Let's talk about the meaning of the phrase Indigo Children.

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How to Organize a Pagan Kids Event

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Get outdoors and have a summer adventure!. Image by Hero Images/Digital Vision/Getty

Are you organizing an event for Pagan kids? Whether it's a regular group meetup, or a single event with activities, there are some things you'll need to keep in mind when working with Pagan kids.

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Why Are Kids Sometimes Unwelcome at Pagan Events?

We know you love your kids, but don't bring them to an event if it's for adults only. Image by Tim Hall/Stone/Getty Images

Ever wonder why kids might be unwelcome at a Pagan event? Well, no matter how well-behaved your little darlings are, chances are there's a really good reason they weren't invited.

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Talking to Pagan Kids About Christianity

School-age children will ask about Christianity if they hear friends talking about it. Image by Digital Vision/Getty Images

If you're a Pagan parent, at some point your children will ask about Christianity, Jesus, and going to church. Learn how to address these issues when they come up.

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Books for Pagan & Wiccan Kids

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There are plenty of great books for Pagan kids. Image by Steve Prezant/Image Source/Getty Images

While there aren't a lot of books out there specifically for Wiccan or Pagan children, there are a number that support Pagan and Wiccan belief systems. Here's a list to get you started hunting for Pagan-friendly books for the little ones.

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Teaching Minors About Pagan Spirituality

Be very cautious before teaching kids that aren't yours. Image by Hero Images/Getty Images

The notion of teaching Pagan beliefs to children who are not our own is a sticky one, and presents a lot of issues. Find out what the deal is as we talk about Paganism and minors.

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Pagans and Homeschooling

Image by AskinTulayOver/E+/Getty Images

As federal and state funding for public schools declines, more and more people are turning to homeschooling as an option. Pagan families have begun to join the movement as well, for a variety of reasons.

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