Pagan Decorating Ideas

Pagan Decorating Ideas

Candles on Altar
Candles on an altar can be a beautiful decoration all year round. Verbena Stevens/Flickr/Creative Commons Universal (CC0 1.0)

As the seasons change, many people like to change the décor in their homes to reflect what’s going on in the outside world. In the summer, we welcome flowers and sunlight, fall brings us autumn leaves, pumpkins and gourds, and so forth. However, it’s also nice to have decorations up throughout the year that reflect our beliefs and spirituality. Just like your Christian friends may have a statue of Jesus or Mary, or a framed bit of scripture hanging from the walls, sometimes it’s comforting to display items that tell our friends a bit about what we believe. Not only is it a way to share our beliefs with our guests, but more importantly, how we decorate our home is a reflection of our Self.

If you’re wondering how you can decorate your home with a Pagan flair, but aren’t sure how to get started, check out some of these ideas!

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Deck Your Walls With Pagan Symbols

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Got bare walls? Hang something up that reflects who you are, what you believe, or the gods of your tradition! Some great wall ideas, depending on your individual path, include:

  • Pentagrams or other symbols of your spirituality. Make a grapevine pentacle, do a woodburned or painted one, and hang it over your doorway or on a wall.
  • Cross-stitched samplers of phrases you may use, such as "Blessed Be" or the Wiccan Rede. There are some lovely patterns available online, and in books like Dorothy Morrison's Magical Needlework and Willow Polson's The Crafty Witch.
  • Witches are always appropriate. Gather the ones you like at Halloween, and leave them up all year long. Hang them around your house to welcome your guests.
  • Wheel of the Year images. You can make your own, or purchase a commercially produced image of the modern NeoPagan Sabbats.
  • Fantasy artwork. Many Pagans incorporate fantasy images such as elves and fairies into their practice. Hang these up to brighten a room.

Table Top Decor

Sometimes, less is better. While you could place a dozen statues and items all over each table in your living room, often a single meaningful piece has more impact. Try some of these ideas to make a statement:

  • Statues of the gods of your tradition. Do you honor Brighid and Cernunnos? Zeus and Hera? Perhaps an unnamed goddess of mystery? Find a statue that represents the deity you honor, and place it in a spot where you will see it every day.
  • For many Pagans, the cauldron is a symbol of magic and power. Place a small cauldron on an end table or shelf, and fill it with crystals, herbs or stones that have meaning to you.
  • Candles are always a welcome addition. Even unlit, they fill a room with warmth. Find some fat pillar candles of varying heights and colors, and display them either on a side table or as a centerpiece. You may want to inscribe them with sigils that represent your beliefs, or that offer protection of your home and its guests.
  • Symbols of your tradition’s legends and mythology are a great way to share your Pagan ideals. For instance, a stela with Pictish carvings on it would be perfect for someone who follows a Celtic-based tradition.

Also, remember that your altar can be a place of focus, particularly if you leave it out all year long. Decorate your altar or magical workspace with items that mean something to you.

Feng Shui and the Elements

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The art of Feng Shui has its origins in Eastern mysticism, and essentially serves as a guide to arranging a space so that the energies contained within bring harmony and happiness to all inside. Our Guide to Feng Shui, Rodika Tchi, recommends eliminating physical clutter, bringing in lots of air and light, and making an energy map of your home. If your Pagan path includes energy work, a Feng Shui decorating makeover might be just what your house needs.

Utilize color magic and crystals to help bring balance and prosperity into your home with Feng Shui principals.

If you’re part of a nature-based path, why not bring the four classical elements into your home? The symbolism of each of the elements can help your home feel more harmonious and stable.

  • Earth: Have rocks and stones placed in locations that make you feel good – for example, hematite in your corners will create a protective barrier, and rose quartz in a pretty bowl in the bedroom will bring love your way.
  • Air: Air represents intuition, so hang feathers, fans and streamers in your home. Consider making painted prayer flags, and displaying those on your wall and in your windows.
  • Fire: Candles and fireplaces represents the energy and power of fire, but if you can’t use those, try adding symbols of fire – dragons, a tabletop brazier, even a phoenix.
  • Water: It’s not too practical to have a bowl of water just sitting around, but many people like to use tabletop fountains. Water-related items such as sand and seashells also make a lovely addition, and are a terrific way to bring the energy of water into your home.

Seasonal Decor

Want to change your decorating with the turning Wheel of the Year? Be sure to read about some of our Sabbat altar decorating ideas, and incorporate those into your home’s look for a magical feel that represents your Pagan belief and practice. Also check out our 5 Easy Decorations series for the eight Pagan sabbats:

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