Tales of Real Out of Body Experiences

Out of Body Experiences

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An out of body experience is one where a person's spirit leaves their body. The person can often view their physical body from above. Vast numbers of individuals and clustering groups of people are seeking ways to have out of body experiences (OBE). When done in a controlled fashion OBEs can be safer and more fulfilling.

Other Names for out of Body Experiences

First-Hand Accounts of out of Body Experiences 

Floating Down the Stairs

When I was a young child, I would dream every night that I floated down the stairs and would wake up at the bottom by my basement door. I remember being frustrated that I had to walk all the way back up every time I went to bed. Then the older I got I would have dreams, then wake up and I would still see things. They dissipated as I would wake up. It started out as a kid thing but the older I got the more I would see weird stuff like the head of a man or a ghost. Later on, I would dream about my future.

Other Self

One afternoon I was feeling really tired and sleepy but I didn't want to take a nap and was trying hard not to fall asleep since I was watching my kids, they were toddlers back then. I was lying in bed and suddenly I found myself standing next to my bed and saw myself sleeping. Everything looked the same in my room, my kids were playing with blocks on the floor and the tv was on. I remember looking around, wondering what was happening, I could hear my kids talking, but they didn't notice me. I still don't know what that was, but I wasn't afraid, maybe I was so worried about falling asleep and not taking care of my kids that my "other self" came and watched over them.

Soul Pulled out by the Devil

I was sleeping one afternoon when all of a sudden it felt like my soul was being pulled out by the devil. I remember fighting the sensation of leaving my body. I fought the sensation so hard I woke up. Today, I went to bed around the same time, and then it happens again. I tried to fight it but the force was too strong. I did a double backflip out of my body, and I could see myself. I was no longer in my room, I was in a cloudy place and I could see a lot of women and shops. I went into one of the shops to buy a drink. When cashing out a pretty blonde woman grabs me from behind and I changed my mind about buying the drink. I remember the feeling of her eyes on me and her arms. Then I see another dark woman, and she too grabs and hugs me. I wish I could stay there forever. Then I woke up.

Watching Myself Sleep 

This happened awhile ago but it's still stuck with me. I think about it a lot actually. One normal night I fell asleep. I don't remember how it happened but I woke in the corner of my room, I was kind of floating higher up in the left corner looking down at myself. It was almost like I was split in two. I could feel me sleeping on my bed, but I could feel me floating across the room. The next moment freaked me out. I'm an extremely light sleeper, and I heard my closet door open. My sleeping body woke up but I was still floating, watching. A little girl came out of my closet and walked right up to my bed. I asked her what she wanted and she started yelling that she was murdered. I said I'm sorry I can't help you, then the next moment people are piling out of my closet surrounding my bed, and I'm still watching myself. Everyone was yelling and trying to grab me I was screaming trying to wake up, and then I did. And I was sitting up in my bed, in one person, alone in the dark.

Have Had OBEs My Whole Life 

I have been having OBE since I was 6 or 7 years old. I didn't know what happened the first time I remember having one. I was put to bed by my parents, and couldn't sleep so I walked out to the living room. I saw my parents sitting on the couch watching TV. I couldn't get my voice out, and they would not look at me like I was invisible. Later, I realized I was OBE, though it took me until the age of 15 to realize what these experiences really were. I have woke up floating over my bed, the roof, have flown over city and fields, have visited people I know. I have told them what they were doing and thinking and once even busted my son being somewhere he shouldn't have been, while out of my body.

Brief OBE, But Eye-Opening

In my early 20s, I had an OBE. It was brief because I thought I had died and so I stopped it and got back in my body. As a conservative Christian (back then, not now), I had no point of reference for my soul leaving my body except death. So when I experienced my soul leaving my body lying in bed asleep, I sort of freaked and said "no!" and went back into my body. Now I'd LOVE to do it again and control the experience more. I travel sometimes at night when I'm asleep, but I'd like to do it during the daytime and pay closer attention and remember what is happening.

Awake the Whole Time

I've had only two experiences. Many years ago, while trying to have an astral experience, I felt something pushing up and out of my body, my eyes started to bulge with the pressure. It felt as if my astral body was trying to push itself out of my body. Unfortunately, my anxiety made it disappear. I was never able to repeat the experience. Several years later, I saw myself walking down the streets of San Francisco. I realized I was dreaming but it felt too real to be a dream. I extended my hand and felt the rough texture of a building next to me. While I continued to walk, this short, mature man walked by me and mumbled something I failed to understand. I then found myself in my brother's apartment in Los Angeles. He was sitting at the dinner table playing cards with some buddies. Then, to my surprise, I heard my husband walking around in the bedroom and I realized I had been awake the whole time!

A Lifetime of OBEs

Since I was little I have been having what I believe to be out of body experiences. When I was younger, about 5 years old, I could see myself leaving my body, looking down and seeing myself laying there. I would float or fly around the house checking on my sister, brother, and parents. Then I would return to my bed and watch "myself" enter my body again. The next morning I could remember every detail of what happened. I'm 21 now and am still having the same type of thing happen. However, nowadays when it happens I'm standing up in my dreams and it's like I'm showing off what I can do. I put my hands on my sides and think about leaving my body. Then I float above it and can fly. I started out just floating around the house, but within the last few years, I have been going outside also. Then when I am done "flying" I come back to my body and reenter it. Then I wake up. It feels so real, and unlike other dreams, I can remember every detail about what happened.

Younger Days

While in my teens, I had quite a few OBE. It was important for me to feel safe and make sure my family was safe as well. I would wander around the house at night, checking all the doors and windows. I would look in on my brother, sister then, my parents. I'd listen to their nightly conversations before heading back to my body.

Falling Down

I had a tooth pulled so they had given me hydrocodone for the pain. I took one and fell asleep on the couch. I woke to find myself sitting on the floor in front of the couch. Thinking I had fallen off, I turned around to see my body still lying on the couch! I thought, hmm this isn't right, I better get back in my body, so I did. Later I woke up for real but it was a conscious experience.

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