Opening a Window Helps Circulate Chi

Invite the Natural Light and Fresh Air Indoors

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When is the last time you opened a window or left a door open to let some light and fresh air into your living space?

Keeping the blinds closed all the time and the windows locked down will assure you privacy from the outside world but at the same time,​ it can create a dark stuffy atmosphere for you and your family to reside in.

Open up those shades and wash those windows until they glisten whenever the sun shines through.

Sunlight is a natural healer, invite it in as often as you can.

Make Your Living Space a Healthy Breathing Place

Introducing fresh air into your home will help circulate ​​chi energies, stirring and moving stagnant air out of your rooms. Even when the weather is on the chilly side outdoors it is good to open a window for a few minutes at least once a week in each room of your home.

I know people who always sleep with their bedroom window open a crack all year long, even in the cold season. I would do it myself if my husband would be okay with it... he is not.

If it is bitterly cold outside I will open the window only a couple of inches. Otherwise, I will open it up all the way. When the furnace is running I will block off the heat register in the bedroom and close the bedroom door during the room airing to save energy. I return an hour later to shut down the window and make my bed with freshly laundered linens. You'll sleep so much better in a bedroom that is frequently aired. Among the four basic elements, the element of ​​air represents intellect, mental intention, and connection to the universal life force.

My habit is to open my bedroom window on the same day I change my bedsheets. I open the window in the bedroom before I strip the sheets from the mattress so I can enjoy the fresh air while doing this mundane chore. Oh, and if it has been awhile since I have laundered my curtains, I'll yank those down too! Also, it is good to give your blinds a good vacuuming now and again. Window treatments are notorious dust collectors.

Full House Airing

What you could do in the winter months when the air is chilly is to turn off your furnace and the open all your windows. Afterward, leave your home to run some errands for an hour or so. When you return you can promptly shut down the windows and flip that thermostat back from off to heat. I cannot do this because we own a quaker parrot. His natural habitat is a tropical climate. For this reason, I do individual room airings in a rotation, always keeping our pet bird far away from the chill zone.

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