Animal Totem Photo Gallery: Oceanic Totems

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Are You Drawn to Creatures that Inhabit Our Oceans and Seas?

Collage of Oceanic Totems
Collage of Oceanic Totems. Canva / Getty Images

Ocean Totems share two characteristics: water element and salt. Water energies invoke flow and emotion. Natural sea salt is used to bring out flavors in the foods we eat and can also be used as a healing agent in mouth gargles and saline washes.

Oceanic Totems

  • Crab Totem
  • Dolphin Totem
  • Jellyfish Totem
  • Lobster Totem
  • Sea Otter Totem
  • Sea Turtle
  • Sea Urchin Totem
  • Shark Totem
  • Snail Totem
  • Starfish Totem
  • Stingray Totem
  • Whale Totem

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Crab as a Totem

Crab Totem
Protector Crab Totem. Erik Leonsson / Getty Images

Meanings / Messages: caution, protection, evaluation, thoughtful

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Dolphin Totem

Dolphin Totem
Sacred Sound Dolphin Totem. amDKB / Getty Images

Messages and Meanings: breathwork, altruism, playfulness, exploration

Dolphins as totems teach the importance of deep breathing and sound healing. Other teachings include exploration and play. The dolphin, a mammal of the sea requires air to breathe, yet lives underneath in the water. It must come up for air to survive. When dolphin appears ask yourself if you are holding your breath, do you need to come up for air?

Dolphins breathe through a blowhole located on the top of their heads. Similarly, on humans, this is the location of the crown chakra that connects us to the higher self. Dolphins way of breathing demonstrates how we can reach upwards, pulling ourselves up and beyond material concerns of the physical and tap into the God source for rejuvenation - sucking in the life force.

Dolphins communicate underwater by making sonar sounds. Audio tapes of these sounds have been utilized in meditations and healing sessions.

Dolphins teach us how to play and open up to joyful experiences in our daily lives. Dophins often appear when a person is swallowed up with their work as a reminder that everyone needs to take a day off now and again to play. They also teach love of self. Blow-out your blowhole and breathe in some new life. You'll feel better.

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Lobster as a Totem

Lobster Totem
Lobster Totem. Dave Fleetham / Getty Images

Messages and Meanings:

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Jellyfish Totem

Jellyfish Totem
Light and Power Jellyfish Totem. Corey Ford/Stocktrek Images / Getty Images

Messages and Meanings: inner strength, vulnerability, transparency, truth

The transparency of the jellyfish teaches the inner source within each of us. We have an enormous amount of power within us to draw upon. We can turn on the light even in the depths of darkness through the wisdom the jellyfish. It often shows up just when you believe there is no hope left.

The jellyfish sting symbolizes that even the most vulnerable has the ability to shield and protect itself from outside influences. The jellyfish is an electrifying totem. It offers a spark to energize and illuminate. Powerful!

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Sea Otter

Sea Otter Totem
Sea Otter Totem. Sylvain Cordier / Stockbyte - sea otter

Messages and Meanings:

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Sea Turtle Totem

Sea Turtle Otter
Symbolizes Water Energy Sea Turtle Otter. Sylvain Cordier / Stockbyte

Meanings and Messages: survival skills, clairaudience, heightened perception, strategist

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Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin Totem
Sea Urchin Totem. Fotosearch / Getty Images

Messages and Meanings: prickly exterior,

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Shark Totem

Shark Totem
Shark Totem. Stephen Frink / Getty Imagess

Messages and Meanings:

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Snail Totem

Snail Totem
Nomad Snail Totem. GK Hart/Vikki Hart / Getty Images

Meanings and Messages: meticulous, adaptable, self-sufficient, spiritual growth

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Starfish as a Totem

Starfish Totem
Symbolizes Sky and Water Franco Banfi / Getty Images. Starfish Totem

Meanings and Messages: adaptable, earth-cosmo connection, reflection

Alternate Names: Seastar, Echinoderms

The starfish (not really a fish) serves as a symbolic representative of the earth connection to the cosmos. Although it lives in the deep ocean waters, its five-pointed shape is reminiscent of the twinkling stars in the twilight. Sea stars have regenerative capabilities, it can regrow an arm. As a totem this means that nothing is really lost, but it can be resolved (regrown).

The starfish has a tough, leathery and sandpapery like exterior on its upper body, offering a protective shield against its predators. If you have been visited by starfish totem, you may be in need of an energy shield. On the underneath side, it has multiple tube feet, allowing it to move rather quickly. Remember, it is not a fish, it cannot swim.

Starfish do not have eyes, so they do not see things. But, they do have eye spots or sensors that allow them to sense light and dark. If starfish is your totem, it is likely that you are able to innately sense light and dark energies rather easily.

It also has an interesting digestive system, rather than pushing chewed food from its mouth into its stomach, the stomach pushes into its mouth, digesting its food first before allowing it further into its body. Are you in the habit of chewing your food thoroughly before swallowing? This is one of starfish's lessons.

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Stingray Totem

Stingray Totem
Sensory Awareness Stingray Totem. Kerstin Meyer / Getty Images

Messages and Meanings: ready to protect, sensory talents, propelled maneuvers, awareness

The stingray often shows itself as a totem to anyone who has enhanced "feeling" senses. It is the stingray's natural electrical sensors that alerts it to potential dangers. When the stingray appears it could be a sign that you need to become more aware of your surroundings. Look around and see if you're missing something obvious.

The stingray's coloring allows it to safely camouflage itself in the sand on the ocean floor. Are you keeping yourself low and out of sight? When stingray shows up it could indicate a time to keep to yourself and stay out of the lime light.

Although not usually an aggressive animal, the stingray's barb is poisonous and can cause harm. Do you have the habit of using combative language when you are felling threatened? As a totem stingray teaches us to be careful with our words (barbs) and to refrain from using razor-tongue remarks.

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Whale Totem

Whale Totem
Symbolizes Inspiration Whale Totem. Paul Souders / Getty Images

Meanings and Messages: manifestation, creation, resurrection, inner awakening

The magnificent whale totem teaches the beauty of song and breath. The whale comes up for air from the depths of the ocean. As a totem the whale asks you to come out of your shell, not only to come to the surface, but to forcefully display joy and exuberance.

When the whale breaches it creates a significant splash.  If you are lucky enough to witness a whale's breach in the open sea it could indicate it is time to turn a page.

The whale's blowhole simulates the crown chakra, anyone with whale totem would be wise to study the significance of the crown chakra.

The magnificent whale totem teaches the beauty of song and breath. The whale comes up for air from the depths of the ocean. As a totem the whale asks you to come out of your shell, not only to come to the surface, but to forcefully display joy and exuberance. When the whale breaches it creates a significant splash.