Nonbelievers' Biggest Misconception About Jesus

Are Misconceptions About God Keeping You From Knowing the Truth?

Misconceptions of Jesus
Jesus clears the Temple of money changers. Photo: Getty Images

Misconceptions about God and Jesus are common among nonbelievers. The idea that God is a cosmic killjoy and wants to ruin all of our fun, is one of the most frequently encountered misconceptions among skeptics of Christianity. Jack Zavada of explains why this notion is simply not true, and how Jesus offers something much more lasting and satisfying than fun.

Nonbelievers' Biggest Misconception of Jesus

If you're not a Christian, chances are you hold this belief about Jesus Christ: Jesus wants to ruin all my fun.

That idea is simply not true, and if you keep reading, you'll understand why.

You see, Jesus puts fun into two basic categories: harmless, nourishing fun, and fun that breaks God's commandments, or sinful fun.

Oh, there's no doubt, sin can be fun. For many people, the knowledge that they're doing something God forbids adds to their fun. They're not afraid of God. They're going to do whatever they want, and as often as they want. They haven't been hit by lightning yet, so they're going to keep on doing it.

But since he's God, Jesus knows a lot of things we don't. He knows that sinful fun always has bad consequences. Those consequences may not show up immediately, maybe not even for years, but they will show up. When it comes to sin, Jesus wants to ruin that kind of fun before it ruins you.

Something You'd Never Expect

That's where the misunderstanding comes in. Whether it's sex outside of marriage, getting drunk, or doing drugs, sinful fun does something you'd never expect. It contaminates your soul.

Let's be honest here. If your life were completely fulfilling, you wouldn't be reading this, looking for answers. In your truthful moments, maybe you're filled with a sort of sickening emptiness. You don't feel guilty, but every time you look in the mirror, the person you see makes you flinch.

You try not to think about it. Maybe more fun will make that feeling go away. Shouldn't life be one nonstop party? Isn't the goal to enjoy life to the max, to cram in as much fun as you possibly can?

Here's the Answer You've Been Looking For

That's the problem. Fun isn't enough. Whether it's harmless fun or sinful fun, fun doesn't satisfy. Fun is temporary entertainment. It has a time limit. You can have fun, but at some point it has to stop and you have to return to reality.

You're not a little kid any more. You need something deeper. The answer is that Jesus offers something deeper. It's called joy.

Joy is very different from fun, and it's even different from happiness. Joy satisfies. Joy perfectly fills that hole inside of you and instead of loneliness, you feel peace.

But there's a catch. Jesus dispenses joy. He creates joy, and he's the Keeper of joy. You can try to get it somewhere else, but it never works, because Jesus created that hole in your soul and only the joy he gives will match it, like a key made for its lock.

Christians—followers of Jesus Christ—have that joy. We're not smarter than you, better than you, or more deserving than you. The only difference is that we discovered the source of joy sooner than you. We've got it, and we want you to have it too.

But What About My Fun?

Many nonbelievers never get it. How about you? Are you beginning to see what's at stake here?

Jesus gives you a choice. You can keep pursuing fun and the hollowness it produces, or you can pursue him and receive his joy. Only he has the power to decontaminate your soul and bring you the lasting peace and love you've been searching for. And what's more, he wants to do it today, right now.

When you receive Christ and his joy, your eyes will be opened. You'll see things as they really are. You won't want to go back. Once you have the real thing, you'll never settle for a counterfeit again.

No, Jesus doesn't want to ruin your fun. He wants to give you something infinitely better—himself, and joy with him in heaven for the rest of eternity.